Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Update On The Engagement Chicken

Last week Pink Lou Lou posted about having a girls night with one of her sister's and watching My Best Friend's Wedding starring Julia Roberts. I love love love this movie!! I could honestly watch it every single day! I am sure I watched it for the first time before I knew what everything meant but none the less I have loved it from the first time I watched it!

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the very beginning - here is a clip for you:

This song is really funny and the "brides" make up and hair are awful and the "bridesmaids" white panty hose are horrible but it got me you really just have to hold him, kiss him, show him that you care, wear your hair just for him, etc for him to marry you?

A couple of months ago I posted the engagement chicken recipe and the experiment I am doing with some of my friends.  Well to date (first posted in May) only one girl has made the engagement chicken and that was about 1 month ago. She has not gotten the proposal yet but they are completely content on where there relationship is at this moment.

The other's however have not had "time" to make the engagement maybe we will see who gets the engagement first!! I keep telling all of my friends from high school that our friendship must only be able to handle a wedding and engagement in one year....we still have 3 girls that are not engaged or married so I have 3 more years to enjoy this wedding fun!!!

Side note: My engagement chicken recipe post has been the most viewed since I have been there are a lot of ladies (maybe men) who want to be engaged!!!

If it worked for you I want to know people!!



ps. I will ask Z what made him finally decide to propose...but I am sure that it is going to boil down to we are the only ones who can put up with/handle the other! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest Addiction - {Recipes}

Since getting completely addicted to blogging and blogs I have come across a new addiction...Pinterest!! I could look at what people have "pinned" all day long!

I have gotten really yummy recipes, decorating ideas and party ideas just from pictures!!

Here are some of the recipes I have "pinned" lately


Healthy breakfast smoothie
Breakfast Smoothie-via

Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups
Toast, Eggs, Bacon - via

Savory breakfast muffins - bake & freeze, then pop in micro for 90 seconds in the a.m.!
Breakfast Muffins - via


BLT Pasta Salad
BLT Pasta Salad - via

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites - making these soon!
Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites - via 


Pizza Casserole
Pizza Casserole - Via

Stuffed Red Pepper - via


Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Mint Chocolate Cookies - via

peanut butter and chocolate chip crescent rolls. - this is bad for my waist line
Peanut butter chocolate chip crescent rolls - via

And last but not least - Cocktails:

Pomegranate margaritas - Yes Please!
Pomegranate margaritas - via

Honestly if you just use Pinterest for the recipes it would be well worth it!! So get Pinning!!



Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh How Things Have {Changed}

Right before I graduated a "cool" note was showing up on my facebook news feed every 5 seconds called 25 Randoms. I decided to do it since "my life was changing for the worst" of course, because I was graduating and life would never been the same.

Here was my 25 Randoms a little over 2 years ago and how I feel about them today.

1. I love my family more than anything in the world - still the same except my family has now expanded to Zach and his family :)

2. Losing my grandpa last February was the greatest test of faith I have endured - Still the hardest thing I have had to go through to date. I am now able to cope with it better than 2 years ago.

3. I have this strange desire right now to join the Fort Worth running club, even though I will have to run 8am every sat morning and have never been a runner - Seriously this was a thought completely manifested by me thinking that I was going to change the world after I graduated....I would not run if I was being chased by a chainsawing your going to catch me anyways why put up a fight.

4. Being on the beach with a good book and bottomless margaritas with no one around to bother me would be the best vacation I could ask for - again I would go a head and say plus having Z there....however he would have to find something to do because if he bothered me I would kick him off the island. (Just being honest babe)

5. I am so glad that I changed my major from nursing to marketing.... I get sick by the thought of someone else’s blood - Okay this is the point where I am kicking my self in the boo-tay, really young little Erin you couldn't stand the thought of someone else's blood? You couldn't have fought through it to get a better paying job where you are very in demand??

6. My puppy ace is the most amazing thing...he puts me in the best of moods even when i am having the worst day - my little acer is still the most amazing thing except now he just drives me nuts because he hides under my bed when I am trying to leave for work!

7. Wine is my Prozac - as is Skinny Girl Margaritas, a frozen schooner of Coors Light, Blue get the picture

8. My mom is not only my mother but my best friend - this is still true will never change...I call her everyday just to say hi!

9. I look up to my 16 year old sister because she has dealt with more bad stuff in her short life then people would ever imagine in their lifetime - well little Hannie is now 19 and I still look up to her even though she is my younger sister!

10. I would rather be on the beach then anywhere else - this is soo true, however I should have been more specific...I would like to be on any beach that does not get above 88 degrees and is not a Texas Beach.

11. I would much rather laugh with someone then have to listen to something serious they want to talk about - still very true...I do not handle awkward situations very well and normally I am the one who turns situations awkward.

12. I say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times - again this is why its better to already be laughing because if I say something inappropriate and mean it, then everyone is laughing and do not put very much thought into it.

13. Birds of paradise is my favorite flower even though you never see them, I have only seen them growing in Hawaii - still my favorite man gets them for me for my Birthday every year!

14. I love to sing karaoke....and I can’t sing - specifically "Love Shack"

15. I believe that sweatpants are the worst thing ever invented even though I wear them - still the worst thing ever invented....if they are sweatpants but have "PINK" on the butt they are still bad and should not be worn if you want to have a relationship or keep the one you currently have.

16. I plan on owning my own boutique one day - this is still a BIG dream...hopefully sooner than later

17. Jackson hole, Wyoming is the best little town - love this town however I am very much into Austin right now.

18. I am proud of the God fearing Christian I am - ditto

19. Graduating college is supposed to be the best thing yet, every time I think of graduating in May I feel like my chest is going to collapse - Sweet sweet young little naive Erin...graduating is horrible, you should have gone straight into grad school.

20. Reading the new post secrets every week at work makes my day - I cant tell you the last time I read post secrets...I have moved on to blogging

21. I love being able to leave my phone for however long so people can’t get a hold of me - this is no where near the truth now...I normally have my phone with me at all times

22. If I was going to be morbidly obese it would be on bacon cheese burgers and seasoned curly fries - still very true

23. I love cooking just not for one person - now I get to cook for two people!!!

24. Going to bed early makes me happy - makes me very very happy

25. I love loving and loved being loved - love loving Z and love being loved by him

What are 25 randoms about you?



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - A {Little} Update

So here is my wedding to do list as of right now...I have been adding hourly and daily to this bad boy. Luckily I have a nice little note section on my phone so that I can just put it there and it wont get lost in my black hole of a purse.

The past two Saturdays my mom and I have done everything possible to get ready for the wedding. We have knocked out invitations, fabric for the tables, fabric for the chair sashes, my veil, ribbon for invitations, etc.

Invitations has been hands down the toughest most stressful thing out of the wedding process. Z and I did not want to spend a ton of money because people are just going to throw away the invitation once the wedding is over. (not judging, invitations only stay on my fridge until the day of the event and then they go into the trash)

So we finally found something we liked at a local paper company here in Fort Worth called Paper Planet. Everyone that works there is super nice and they have the coolest projects going on all the time that you can do.

Here are the two options I narrowed down our invitation choices to from Paper Planet...I will wait until after they are sent out to show you which one we chose!!

Happy Guessing!

Since crossing things off of the wedding checklist...this has been the one task I have been looking forward to doing...

Ah yes...enjoying our new life as newlyweds on the beach with a cool adult beverage!!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Got An {Office} At Work

I have been working at my new job since February, I know not really still new but new to me! I started out as the front desk and now I am officially an Escrow Assistant!!

Since moving to a new position I got a office  cube that I have not been able to make cute whatsoever. Every other cube at work is decorated so cute so I really need to step up my game....any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I have to have a cute picture of my puppy!! Not sure if ace would like me showing this off to everyone but it makes me laugh when I see it!

Also don't judge but yes that is a picture frame without a picture I have on display!

Since these pictures were taken I have purchased the cutest flowered stapler and tape dispenser and a lamp!

So what do you think about my new cube??



Monday, August 22, 2011

Weeeeekend {Uuuuupdate}

As you can see from the name of this blog post we had a very fun and very interesting weekend. 

Friday we started the deep cleaning of our house...I finished Sunday night. I am working on cleaning the house the same day and possibly the same hour that I start, until then it took us three days to clean our 2 bedroom 2 bath town home...I like the think we are very busy people

Saturday I got my hurr did because I am getting my bridals taken in two weeks and I can not be looking like a hood right....Okay?? (My hair lady says "Okay?" when she is trying to prove a point, thought I would try it out...not working for me??)

Also I GOT MY VEIL!!! And thankfully for George W. Bush and his take free weekend for Texas I got it tax free! I probably only saved about $3, but it sure did make me proud to be a Republican!

Another Also...My mother FINALLY took me to Costco!! I kind of had a moment where I was grabbing everything off the shelves but my mother had to put in check and remind me she would bring me day. Here is the slight damage I did...

My mom and I also split a few things. My most favorite purchase from Costco was the $11.99 Skinny Girl Margarita and Skinny Girl Sangria I purchased! Best item of the day! It is normally $18 at the local liquor store.

Saturday night my BFF Alyssa and her bf Chase came to see us!! We always have so much fun when we go out together...we even got the boys to take us to Ihop at 130am. Not sure if the Ihop staff thought we were as funny as Alyssa and I know we are...

So needless to say since you saw the above pictures..we had a lot of fun! Side Note: I have been wanting a curling wand like a fat kid wants cake but I have been trying to control my spending (emphasis on trying). So Saturday night I used just a regular curling iron and wrapped my hair around the barrel without using the clip...I think it looked pretty good for a first timer.

How was everyone else's weekend?



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - What I have {Learned} So Far

Since planning our wedding three days after Z proposed, these are the things I have learned:

*As a woman, you are way behind planning your wedding from the moment you are born
*From the moment you get engaged you are about 20+ years behind schedule
*Start your planning process by figuring out how many people you are going to invite to the wedding. We are now in panic mode due to too many people and not enough room.
*Stay on top of your parents and your fiance's parents regarding who they want to invite. There is no excuse for them to take forever getting you their list....A text takes about 2.5 seconds
*The and are very useful tools to help you plan your wedding with out paying a ton of money on a wedding planner...both sites are free
*Make sure to chose your groomsmen/bridesmaids carefully. If you have not spoken to the person in 3 years but they used to be your bff...probably not a good idea to have them in your wedding party. An invite will be sufficient
*If you want to have gas station corn dogs and cheetos at your wedding, you can because its YOUR wedding
*If you DO NOT want CHILDREN at your wedding, you don't have to have them there because it's YOUR wedding
*If a family member gives you a hard time and tells you they are probably not going to come to your wedding if they can't bring their children, you tell them "We will miss you"
*You can plan for the most inexpensive most economic wedding ever, but unless you plan on getting married in a dress you already own in your parents back yard its not going to happen
*When cutting cost for your wedding the photographer/videographer would not be the place to do it. Your wedding is only going to last one day, however your wedding pictures and video will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether or not you want them to.
*Planning a wedding is the most exciting thing next to walking down the aisle to your soon to be husband and your new life
*Your fiance, no matter how much you wish he will be, is not as excited about the planning process of the wedding. Its not in their DNA to be excited about cocktail napkins
*If your parents tell you they are only going to allow X amount of dollars to pay for the wedding, know they are going to make that amount stretch to the moon to make their baby girl happy
*On your bachelorette party night/weekend you completely get a new appreciation for your fiance. Dbags are going to be out there for life and your not missing out.

I have had the most fun in my life planning our wedding and all of the events leading up to it. Since we are getting down to the last few months all of the little details are very overwhelming and a destination wedding in a tropical place should have been more considered



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Why} Have A Child....

....when you can have a dog as ridiculous as mine?

The Things Ace Does That Make Him Ridiculous:

*Snores louder than an 80 year old man
*Sleeps about 20 hours out of his 24 hour day
*Runs so fast down our stairs that he eventually just rolls down them
*Gets on our couch even though we have spanked him 50,000 times for being on there
*Gets back on the couch 2 seconds after we spank him
*Eats his food like he has not eaten for the last year
*Has the worst smelling breath in the WORLD
*Has the worst smelling farts in the WORLD
*He follows me around and sits on my feet while I am getting ready in the mornings
*As soon as I put my shoes on in the morning to leave for work he runs and hides underneath our bed
*If he is outside he will bark to let us know when he wants in, however when you open the door he runs away as fast as he can like you are going to get him, even though he barked wanting in
*If I sit on the floor he goes straight for my elbows to bite me
*If I have been gone too long when I get home he will bite my knee just to let me know he didn't appreciate it
*If he is mad at us he will whine like someone is trying to kill him and make a noise that sounds like a cow mooing

I am sure I love him just as much as mother's love their children...maybe! lol



Monday, August 15, 2011

New Fall Line Love and {MUST} Have

While looking through my Glamour magazine I stumbled upon Banana Republic's new Mad Men Collection.  I can honestly say that I have never been a huge Banana Republic fan, however they completely stepped up their game with this new collection.

I seriously could buy all of these outfit options for Z and me! I am absolutely in LOVE with all of it! Luckily for me and my pocket book if you buy something now from Banana Republic they give you coupons that start the last Wednesday in August for % off of their Mad Men Collection.

I will be there on that Wednesday coupons in hand ready for some amazing clothes!



Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Of My {New} Favorite Things

So lately I have had a hard time keeping my skin clear the past couple of months and honestly this is the only cleanser that has been helping. Its not harsh on your skin but you can tell its working.

Its never too early to start wrinkle cream, even at age...well that's not important. This lotion is very light and doesn't require a lot to cover your face.

I have been wearing MAC foundation but since it has been 100+ I dont want to wear anything heavy on my face. Aveeno tinted moisterizer is perfect to cover your face and it feels like you have nothing on.

Tresemme Dry Shampoo is AMAZING! I try to not wash my hair everyday and the dry shampoo makes it feel clean. I also use this on my hair when I just washed it and want a lot of body.


I bought this to snack on while floating the river during my bachelorette party weekend. This trail mix is soooo good and you can get it at Target!

What are some of your new favorite things??



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Movie Review - The {Help}

I AM IN LOVE....with the movie The Help!

This is such a good movie and not just because of their thick southern accents! There has not been a good movie out in a long time that makes you laugh and cry in the two hours you are in the movie theater.

My friend Shayna and I laughed and got on the verge of tears many times. I really wanted to read the book prior seeing this movie but I couldn't wait that long to see it.

If you go see it this weekend let me know what you think!!



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachelorette {Party} Weekend - (Saturday) In Pictures

This was a bachelor party...he was the bachelor

Dubstep was all she was talking about and then we saw the sign...none of us still know what Dubstep is. did these get in here??