Monday, August 22, 2011

Weeeeekend {Uuuuupdate}

As you can see from the name of this blog post we had a very fun and very interesting weekend. 

Friday we started the deep cleaning of our house...I finished Sunday night. I am working on cleaning the house the same day and possibly the same hour that I start, until then it took us three days to clean our 2 bedroom 2 bath town home...I like the think we are very busy people

Saturday I got my hurr did because I am getting my bridals taken in two weeks and I can not be looking like a hood right....Okay?? (My hair lady says "Okay?" when she is trying to prove a point, thought I would try it out...not working for me??)

Also I GOT MY VEIL!!! And thankfully for George W. Bush and his take free weekend for Texas I got it tax free! I probably only saved about $3, but it sure did make me proud to be a Republican!

Another Also...My mother FINALLY took me to Costco!! I kind of had a moment where I was grabbing everything off the shelves but my mother had to put in check and remind me she would bring me day. Here is the slight damage I did...

My mom and I also split a few things. My most favorite purchase from Costco was the $11.99 Skinny Girl Margarita and Skinny Girl Sangria I purchased! Best item of the day! It is normally $18 at the local liquor store.

Saturday night my BFF Alyssa and her bf Chase came to see us!! We always have so much fun when we go out together...we even got the boys to take us to Ihop at 130am. Not sure if the Ihop staff thought we were as funny as Alyssa and I know we are...

So needless to say since you saw the above pictures..we had a lot of fun! Side Note: I have been wanting a curling wand like a fat kid wants cake but I have been trying to control my spending (emphasis on trying). So Saturday night I used just a regular curling iron and wrapped my hair around the barrel without using the clip...I think it looked pretty good for a first timer.

How was everyone else's weekend?



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  1. I need a Costco membership just for the SkinnyGirl Margarita & SkinnyGirl Sangria discount!!!


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