Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend {Fun}

Ello Lovelies!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend of relaxation and enjoyed the Olympics!!


Friday night Z took me on a surprise date night to Twisted Root Burger Company

It is super yummy and they serve wine by the buckets...what is better than that??!

Saturday after getting my hair did and running errands we had a bowling date at Main Event with Alyssa and Chase!

I have not been bowling in FOREVER and it was so much fun to spice up our date night from the regular dinner and drinks!

Sunday was filled with Church, cleaning, running errands and packing!!!!

We leave Tuesday for our beach vacay with my family!!

I plan on full on relaxing and finishing book 2 and 3 of Hunger Games!!!

What did y'all do this weekend?? Anything fun or did you keep it low key like us??

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I have some pretty amazing bloggers lined up for you gals this week so be sure to stay tuned!!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh How {Pinteresting}!!

I am so excited to do this link up today! Not only because I LOVE Pinterest but because I decided to do it beach themed since we leave in exactly 6 days for our beach vacay!

Let the beach waves crash and the wind blowing my hair begin....


I plan on sitting with my feet in the water soaking up the sun....

Beach Fun

While catching this view.....

Beach Vacation

While being fabulously dressed....

beach cornhole
While having some family fun beach cornhole games..

and of course not leaving until my Mom requires us to take the matchy matchy family photos..

Beach vacation shot

Vacation Beach Portraits

Thank you to Michelle from the Vintage Apple for this very fun link up!

What are some fun and "oh my goodness I have to do this" things you have found on Pinterest lately??



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{They} Like Me....They Really Like Me!!

Miss Shayna from My Kitchen, Home and Life passed along the Laine Blogger Award! I feel so special!

Along with the award comes a few questions you are to answer, link back to the award giver (check), & tag 5 more bloggers you would like to pass this fun award on to!

So let's get this party started....cue the music...

1. What is your current beauty obsession?

My current beauty obsession that will probably be my lifelong beauty obsession is Urban Decay's Naked Eye Pallet...

It's so nice they made it twice! (I am so witty...)

I do not currently own the Naked 2 but plan on adding it to my makeup collection soon!

2. What is one beauty product you wished you owned?

The one beauty product I currently wished I owned is the Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin tone Illuminator...

Being such a sun baby that I am, I would love to have this to get rid of my uneven skin tone on my face. If anyone has tried this please share your thoughts.

3. What kind of post are your favorite to read & write?

My favorite post to read are about people's everyday life, recipes and outfit creations!

My favorite post to write is anything funny that happens to me or Z, new recipes that I tried and were too yummy not to share and just our everyday life so that I can look back and remember them!

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?

The Blue Eyed Bride inspired me to blog. I literally read her whole blog one week and work and was just in awe of her life and just her writing. (I hope to meet her one day IRL!) I love how she was so real on her blog and I loved watching her whole wedding come to life! If you do not follow her she is a must!

5. What color nail polish are you currently wearing?

I am upset I am even documenting this right now BUT I do not have a color on my nails currently...I normally try to paint my nails every Sunday before getting in bed to catch up on our DVR. However, with starting a new job yesterday it got away from me! My nails are normally always painted! I feel so much more girlie like that!

Well that is All About E for are some ladies I want to give the award too!

Erin @ Shoe StyleZ

Can't wait to hear these ladies answers!!!

Even if you were not tagged in this post share your answers to the questions!



Monday, July 23, 2012

What Have {We} Been Doing??

Have you gals missed me?? Life not been the same without me??

This past couple of weeks have been a whirl wind of emotional and mentally draining events....

I moved with my whole office to another title company two weeks ago and after a week of being there I put my two weeks notice to move to another title company....

I start the new company today! I am so excited and feel like a huge weight has been lifted working situation with the other company had been very bad for a very long time, so this move has been very much welcomed!

I have decided to be a double threat....Paula Deen and Martha Stewart combined. (I feel that I have Paula Deen down y'all, but being Martha Stewart is still in the works)

This past weekend I got crafty and baked!

Photo: Sooooo excited our monogram came in!!!!!

Photo: Our monogram looks perfect above our bed and finishes off our "Tiffany's" room!

I got our monogram in this week, painted it and hung it up! I purchased the monogram from Eleganceletters on Etsy! She did such a great job!

frozen banana treats

I baked the apples and froze/dipped the bananas

obviously I have not been busy with anything very exciting hint the MIA on the blog...however since the stress of work wont really be here anymore I will be able to blog more!!

Hope you had a great weekend and cross your fingers my first day goes awesome!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Your {Weekend} Update!

Friday night Z and I made a date night of Central Market grocery shopping, the take home 3 flavor gelato and Duck Dynasty....

(flavors: Salty Caramel, Lemon Cookie Crunch and Cheesecake)

I don't know what my husband does to get me to watch these ridiculous shows, but I am already hooked....and if I had to have a crush on the show its Willie, I think its the American flag bandanna and his money, just saying...

Saturday we actually slept in until 1030am (I normally wake up around 7am on Saturday) and I made us blueberry pancakes!

Super Yummy!

my favorite coffee cup!

Saturday night we went to eat with some friends and see Ted.....

(my review - very crud, funny, Z laughed the entire time - not something you should take your children too - I know the whole teddy bear throws you off, however little ghetto parents, bringing your children to see this movie was not your shinning moment)

I decided to bust out my favorite Summer shirt and white jeans....Z said I looked hott, I will take it!


After church Sunday, I cooked for 4 HOURS....yes 4 HOURS. Z decided he wanted us to try out the Paleo Diet this week, let's just say this will be the only week it will be a team effort.

I spent 2 hours planning our meals, 1.5 hours in the grocery store and 4 hours cooking....too much work!

Wish us luck that we don't kill each other before next Monday rolls around!

Have any of you ladies tried the Paleo Diet?



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our {4th} Celebrations

Ello Lovies!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th celebrating with friends and family!

Z and I got to spend this year with our friends, so we missed our family this 4th!

Tuesday night we went to Concert in the Gardens at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth.

I made Z and I a little cheese, fruit and cracker picnic!

Me relaxing in our cool new Tommy Bahama chairs and enjoying my whole bottle of wine (remember no judging)

Concert in the Gardens had such an amazing fireworks display!

Yesterday to actually celebrate the 4th - Z and I enjoyed a relaxing day of friends and food at our friends, Jonathan and Alissa's new house!

Here are the boys playing corn hole - they ended up getting bored and just throwing the bags at each other!

I am so grateful to live in the country I do and have the amazing men and women who constantly fight for my freedom.

How did y'all spend your 4th?



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Makeup {Routine}

Since the heat is completely unbearable in Texas and trying to wear your normal full out makeup routine in 500+ weather is not an option, I change up my makeup routine for the summer!

Prior to starting my "foundation" I just started using ELF brand primer

I just discoverd this little gem about a month ago and for only $6 I had to try it! It is really good and does not leave you greasy.

I then apply Garnier BB Creme

I just started using this about a month ago as well - the verdict is still out on it. My skin has definitely improved since wearing it but it does not blend very well. I really have to make sure I have rubbed it in really well.

Then cover up my dark circles and zits with Nutrogena concealer

I have used this 3 in 1 concealer for a couple of years now and love it! It really does the job and last all day.

Then for my prize possession....the Naked eye pallet

All of these colors are perfect for what ever summer outfit I have on.

And last but not least I end with ELF blush, bronzer and mascara

I may be very influenced by the Bargain Blonde and her makeup reviews!

What is your go to summer makeup product?



Monday, July 2, 2012

I Learned {2} New Things...

#1 - My husband does not like it when I eat his food...I always pick at his food.

#2 - Liquor stores are not open on Sundays - I don't know where I have been, however all I wanted was a dang Skinnygirl Margarita!


Our Friday night consisted of trying out a new pizza place and catching up on our favorite Friday activities!

(OOTD: 7 Skinny Jeans, Forever21 Top, Forever21 Necklace and Target bag)

Saturday Z had a 630am tee time so he left our house around 615am and I could not go back to sleep. I cleaned our whole house and went to go see Magic Mike all before noon on Saturday.

Speaking of Magic Mike - my friend Corrie and I went to see the 9am showing and when I arrived at 830am there was already a line...a little redic if I do say myself, but I was the one there seeing it at 9am!

After Z's golf and my movie date with Corrie, I surpised Z with a Champagne Couples Massage!

Insert relaxed Z.....

We then ran over to the new food truck park over off of West 7th Street in Fort Worth to get a Weiner Man hot dog!

Gouda fries and a bacon potato chip mustard hot dog! Super healthy too!

We then all took a nap...and by all of us I mean Ace and I cuddled, Z watched TV and Louie roamed around our bed!

Acer loves nothing more than snuggling!

Saturday night we went out to Shayna's Dad's house for her and Matt's engagement party! It was so fun and a great way to kick off their wedding year!

(My outfit - Forever21 dress and Stella and Dot necklace)

Sunday after church our friends invited us out on Lake Weatherford for a nice relaxing day cruising the lake and soaking up the sun!

They even talked Z into he did really good but he is definitley sore today!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I am so excited about having July 4th off and spending it with our friends!!

Tonight I am making this Paula Deen recipe for Z and I! And check in tomorrow for my Summer makeup routine!