Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh How {Pinteresting}!!

I am so excited to do this link up today! Not only because I LOVE Pinterest but because I decided to do it beach themed since we leave in exactly 6 days for our beach vacay!

Let the beach waves crash and the wind blowing my hair begin....


I plan on sitting with my feet in the water soaking up the sun....

Beach Fun

While catching this view.....

Beach Vacation

While being fabulously dressed....

beach cornhole
While having some family fun beach cornhole games..

and of course not leaving until my Mom requires us to take the matchy matchy family photos..

Beach vacation shot

Vacation Beach Portraits

Thank you to Michelle from the Vintage Apple for this very fun link up!

What are some fun and "oh my goodness I have to do this" things you have found on Pinterest lately??




  1. Ahhh, I get so jealous everytime I hear of someone going on vacation lol. What beach are you going to?!


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