Friday, December 30, 2011

{2011} Recap

2011 was definitely a busy year for Z and I. If we were not out planning our wedding we were attending one of our friends wedding, 10 to be exact not counting our own.

As busy as 2011 was I hope for a more productive 2012 with less debt.

Here is our 2011:


We went to Cabo.


I started a new job!

We went to our friends Ashley and Jeff's wedding!


I celebrated my 24th birthday!


I started my blog!!!

We attended our freinds Jonathan and Alissa's wedding!


We took our engagement pics!

And had an engagement party!

And we attended my cousin Mallory's wedding!


We attended our friends Justin and Mallory's wedding!

And attended our frineds Marlie and Jarrods wedding!


We visited Austin for July 4th!

I went to Destin with my family!


My bridesmaids threw my bachelorette party in Austin!


I had my first wedding shower!

And my second wedding shower!

We attended Tarleton's Homecoming!


We celebrated Halloween!


We got married!!!

We went on our honeymoon!

Our little Acer turned 4!


We got another dog!

We celebrated our first Christmas being married!

Like I said we were very very busy this year! I hope everyone is ringing in the new year with a bang!! See you in the new year!!!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Can Be {Handy}

One of my many new years resolutions is to be more organized and to not have to worry about my house being in a fritz all the time.

I had Tuesday off from work and to prove I can be an amazing stay at home wife (wishing and hoping) I started on one area of our home that needed some serious help...our closet!

Like a said I started, we still need to get our clothes organized so that it makes a little sense.

This is the beginning....warning its very bad!!!

This awful shoe organizer was very cheap and did an awful job of holding our shoes.

I am a little bit of a shoe box hoarder!

No organization what so ever!!

Then a short trip to the Container Store solved the problem!

Organization is sooo much better! And I did that all myself!


Also, one thing about organizing is that you come across some things you should have gotten rid of a long time ago....see the Hilfiger shoes below....not really sure why I still own them!



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our {First} Christmas

Z and I are very blessed to have to amazing families and that we got to combine the two.  We were very spoiled this year by both sets of parents! They loaded us up with great gifts!

Christmas eve is spent with my family and Christmas day is spent with Z's family. It is a good compromise and it helps that our families are very relaxed about the situation.

Here are the activities from Christmas eve with my parents!

The boys snuggled the whole way to grandma's house!

My Mom's fabulous decorations!

I made deviled eggs for the first time with my Mom's help of course! They were super yummy!

Our delicious Honey Baked Ham!

I made the "to die for" Oreo cupcakes! Thank you Pinterest once again!

My mom enjoying a cupcake with her cute Christmas apron on!

Little Louie got wrapped!

Since Z is such a HUGE Rangers fan, his sister made him this shadow box of the World Series towel, pin and program!

I was so excited to receive this present from my parents! I mean I am a Paula Deen wanna be and having an apron, lunch box and cooler of hers makes me that much closer!!!

How was your Christmas with family? What was your favorite gift? I hope everyone had a great time filled with family and lots of food!!



Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas {Traditions}

My mom always buys everyone new pajamas for us to open on Christmas eve night - mine and Hannah's are always matching!

Our family Christmas stockings at my grandparents house and never failing to put in canned cheese and crackers!

My grandmother's amazing orange bundt cake! Its not Christmas without it!

Watching Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve night!

Getting a big bottle of Hairspray in my stocking from Santa!

I have loved reading all of the blogs I follow and about their Christmas traditions! I can't for 5 years from now when Z and I have our own little family to start our own traditions and carry on the ones from our families!

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Weekend of {Christmas}

This past weekend was pack full of Christmas events! Friday night Z and I went over to our friend's house for a Christmas PJ white elephant party!

It was good to see everyone and the multiple outfit changes of one friend in particular...three to be exact!

Saturday we went to my family Christmas and Z and I officially got our family assigned stockings! My grandma started a tradition that each family has their own Christmas themed stockings and we are sleds! Love it!

Saturday night we took the "boys" aka our little puppies to see Christmas lights! Ace is always down for a good car ride, however Louie does not do as well. He will have to suck it up because we are a road trip family!

Sunday we had Alyssa and Chase over for our Christmas dinner and gift swap! Alyssa got the puppies adorable Christmas toys and got Z and I a healthy cook book! I am excited to start cooking!!!

The Christmas baking has officially begun and with only 100 hours left until Christmas I am getting so excited about Santa coming!!