Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Weekend of {Christmas}

This past weekend was pack full of Christmas events! Friday night Z and I went over to our friend's house for a Christmas PJ white elephant party!

It was good to see everyone and the multiple outfit changes of one friend in particular...three to be exact!

Saturday we went to my family Christmas and Z and I officially got our family assigned stockings! My grandma started a tradition that each family has their own Christmas themed stockings and we are sleds! Love it!

Saturday night we took the "boys" aka our little puppies to see Christmas lights! Ace is always down for a good car ride, however Louie does not do as well. He will have to suck it up because we are a road trip family!

Sunday we had Alyssa and Chase over for our Christmas dinner and gift swap! Alyssa got the puppies adorable Christmas toys and got Z and I a healthy cook book! I am excited to start cooking!!!

The Christmas baking has officially begun and with only 100 hours left until Christmas I am getting so excited about Santa coming!!



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  1. Ha, we took our pups to see all the Christmas lights the other night! Not that they cared for them as much as they enjoyed being in the car though, haha.

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