Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Recipe} Of The Week

1 pound ground turkey meat
3/4 Cup equal parts diced onion, celery and green bell pepper
2 cloves of garlic minced
2 (10.75 oz) cans tomato puree
1 (15 oz) can kidney beans with liquid
1 (15 oz) can cannellini beans with liquid
1/2 tablespoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon equal parts dried basil and dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon chili sauce
evenly brown the ground turkey - drain grease from skillet
add onion, celery and bell pepper to the slow cooker and then top with ground turkey
add tomato puree, beans and garlic to slow cooker
Then season with oregano, parsley, basil, chili powder and chili sauce
mix all ingredients together
cook on low for 8 hours
and ENJOY!
I also cooked the box corn bread to add with our chili - that was Z's highlight of the evening!
This recipe was adapted from here - I made the changes of only using 2 cans of beans, ground turkey meat and more chili sauce.
This chili is really good and definitely hit the spot this past weekend!
I also, love any excuse to cook using my crock pot!
PS. If you are not using crock pot bags you are missing out! easiest clean up in the world!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday {Favs}

My run outside was awesome, even if it made my allergies kick into high gear

Fresh flowers around our house

The best smelling bath soap and lotion from my BFF for Christmas
The BEST CUTEST way to get asked to be my BFF's Matron of Honor
Seeing this number finally on the scale after really trying with my eating and working out this month
4 pounds down 5.5 to go
And lastly being so excited about my purchases at Lowe's because.........
We are listing our house next week!!!!!
What were your favorite things this week?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Oh} You Shouldn't Have....

...but I am glad you did!
Thanks to Jessica from Dream Mo(o)re, I've received:

Thank you so much Jessica for the award! I am so excited!
You can read about her award here. And check out her blog here!

7 things about me:
  • I just celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary in November to this handsome guy....
  • We have two fur babies that run our home and lives named Ace and Louie
  •  Wine is my drink of, white, cold or room temperature it doesn't matter
  • I have the appetite of a man - meat lovers pizza, steak and potatoes,  and deep fried chili cheese dogs are my favorite.
  • I am currently obsessed with Son's of Anarchy and Jax Teller. Even my husband notices.
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream on top is my favorite dessert!
  • I am about to start my 2nd month of no buying aka no impulse buys.....Lord be with me....
Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award (of course).
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've discovered recently or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award (include a link back to your post!)
5. Finally tell the people you nominated (& other blog readers) 7 things about yourself.
Since I sometimes don't like to follow the rules, I nominate everyone!
I had such a good time with this and it was something different!
So what are 7 things about you I don't know?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The {Red} Dress Boutique

I know that we all follow all of the super cute boutiques on Facebook, and all
of our wallets pay for it!
I am no exception to the rule..I am pretty sure following The Red Dress Boutique has not
helped with my impulse shopping since they always have the cutest clothes!
I was so very lucky to catch a status on Facebook from The Red Dress Boutique, asking any bloggers out there to email them if they would like to work together!
What a better collaboration...I just happen to LOVE all of their clothes!
After getting everything set up, I came home one day to the greatest fun mail ever!

Cutest packaging ever! I love their sticker!

~Oversized knit sweater~

Sweater-The Red Dress Boutique, Jeans-Old Navy, Boots-Steve Madden, Scarf-Victoria's Secret
~Blue and Gold tear drop necklace aka the most AMAZING necklace ever!!~

Shirt-Loft, Necklace-The Red Dress Boutique
(I think they read my mind at The Red Dress Boutique, I have been wanting this necklace FOREVER!)
~Sheath Dress~
Dress-The Red Dress Boutique
(Isn't my Mommy so cute! The dress was a little big for me so I enlisted some help!)
I really love all three pieces that were sent to me! It is all stuff that I would have bought for myself and some things that I have been wanting.
Everything is very well made and definitely clothes that I will wear for a while!
You can find The Red Dress Boutique at:
PS. Z has a new title other than husband...photographer! He was such a good sport taking my picture!
*I was given the clothes from The Red Dress Boutique for the product review. All opinions and blog post are my own*

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GNC 7 Day Cleanse {Review}

I mentioned here that Z and I started the GNC 7 Day Cleanse...
GNC Total Lean™ 7 Day Fast Loss Kit - GNC - GNC
Well the results are in...
Z - 5 pounds down
E - 2 pounds down
I am a little upset that I only lost 2 pounds, however it is definitely a
kick start to the weight I want to be.
Some of the things I liked about the cleanse were the meal plan, it allowed us to have bread, cheese, steak and chocolate milk. I definitely did not feel deprived in anyway.
The meal replacement shakes are good, however after drinking 2 of them a day for 4 days I was a little over it.
Also, every morning you take 5 pills that are called a Diet Pack...they are suppose to help you feel energized and help with hunger, however we were both hungry every night! I am sure that
also has to do with how much were normally used to eating.
All in all, for $46 it was not bad and it comes with a lot. I may do it again later down the road but I may have to figure something out about the shakes and end of the day hunger.
Hope this helps anyone looking for a kick start to losing weight.
If you have had luck with something else please share!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Beauty} Recommendations....Needed

Happy HAPPY Wednesday!
It is OFFICIALLY winter in Tejas with snow and sleet yesterday, I am predicting
summer to be only a few 2 weeks away. (that is EXACTLY how Texas weather works..very frustrating trying to plan outfits!)
So since we (and by we I mean I somehow got myself into this mess) decided that we would start off 2013 with a no purchase/no go out January, I am looking for new ways
to stay beautiful and glowing at home.
What are your at home beauty must haves/secrets??
I know they are secrets but just share them with me and I promise not to tell anyone!
Here are some of my must haves:
These are the only two products I have used from this line, however they are both AMAZING and I am sure all of their other hair products are just as good! I wrote here why I loved the Macadamia line so much and it makes my hair feel like I just had a great salon wash!
This is definitely an oldie but a goodie, but I love Bath & Body Works lotion. I love all of their smells and the way it makes my skin feel after applying.
I really like St. Ives Apricot Scrub because it helps my skin feel smooth and get any dead skin that my loofah misses. I actually need some more of this pronto to get rid of the last remnants of my spray tan....
So here are my 3 favorite at home beauty items....spill the beans, what are yours?
PS. This whole no shopping thing has been very very very difficult - I follow way to many boutiques on Facebook like this one, this one and this one. And I may have bought a really cute scarf from one of Z's co-worker's wife who has a super cute kids boutique here....but thats it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Is is Friday???
My week has definitely been one of those weeks AND its ONLY TUESDAY!!!
This past weekend was a bit uneventful, we went to my parents to watch the Aggies play on Friday and Saturday after what I thought was going to be relaxing yoga, we went out with some of Z's friends!

(Z and me at Fox and the Hound)
Sunday we finally started Sons of Anarchy season 1!!!

Also on Sunday we started our GNC Lean 7 day cleanse.
GNC Total Lean™ 7 Day Fast Loss Kit - GNC - GNC
It is actually really easy to follow and the shakes and meal plan are really good!
My starting weight on Sunday morning was 139.2 and in a "perfect" world I would like to weigh 130. I know I may not be able to reach that number just due to my body type and build, however I do want to tone up and work on losing body fat
I am not weighing myself again until Sunday morning, but Z weighed himself last night and after 2 days he has already lost 2 pounds...fml.
Why do guys have such a easier time losing weight??

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday {Favs}

1. My new favorite app - from couch to 5k - this is helping me get my booty in gear!
2. My new favorite bracelet that my parents got me for Christmas.
3. My new favorite cookbook and new favorite cook, The Pioneer Woman. I cooked her pulled pork sandwiches and apple pie last Sunday and all were a big hit!
4. The most perfect pair of shoes that I have been dreaming of for a while now...Z surprised me with for Christmas!
5. My favorite way to wash my face! I even got it at a discount so it made it that much better!
What are your favorite things this week?
Hope you all have a great weekend! We have a busy weekend full of family, friends and yoga!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Highs} and Lows

At Dinner on New Year's Eve I had everyone say what their highs and lows were of 2012 and what they were most looking forward too in 2013.
It was definitely just a fun little thing to do before our food arrived but I wanted to share them with you and ask you gals the same thing....What were your highs and lows of 2012?
My 2012 Lows:
Being super stressed at the beginning of the year for a job that I did not enjoy.
Z having to travel so much for his job.
Z getting laid off from said job.
Z's grandpa's health.
Not getting to put our home on the market in December.
My 2012 Highs:
Getting out of the horrible work situation I was in at the beginning of the year and getting a job with a company that I love!
Z getting a job only 3 short days after being laid off and getting a job with people that treat him well.
Paying off one of our cars!
Celebrating 1 year of marriage to my love!
Our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg!
Our family vacation with my family to Port A.
I know there are many many many more highs as we are so blessed to serve a loving and giving God who always provides for us and makes sure we are taken care of.
I am looking forward to a year of simplicity for Z and I. To slow down and enjoy what we have right now and not to be looking into the future.
2012 really taught us a lot and if we can survive our first year of marriage, which is already hard enough with out the added extra stuff, then I know that 2013 will be a breeze!
What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catching {Up}

So...since I have been MIA for just a couple of weeks,
I decided to catch everyone up real quick before we kicked off 2013!!!!
:: What I missed blogging ::
We saw Christmas lights

(this is my favorite because I keep telling Z I need a travel trailer like this)
Cut about 4 inches off of my hair and dyed it dark
Took the boys to have their picture with Santa for the first time

(don't mind me in the picture - Louie is not a fan of the fat bearded guy)
I made my first ginger bread house with Z

We celebrated Christmas

My best friend got ENGAGED!!!
(Super sweet - Chase painted that picture and when we were done with our byob painting class he pulled that out on stage! So romantic - every girl in the class cried!)
I did a little redecorating in our guest bedroom

Then my other best friend got ENGAGED!!
(Sweet Hiedi got engaged on Christmas Day! What could be better than a diamond ring and your man on one knee for Christmas?!?)
Then we had our girls annual Christmas ornament swap!

(PJ's required this year!)
and lastly we rang in the New Year!!!

Whew - that was a lot of catching up to do!
Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and an amazing New Year's Eve!!