Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Becoming a {Home}

I seriously wish I could insert a loud
Our house is starting to look like a home!

We were so excited to go by on Friday and see brick!
We went by again on Sunday and the whole left side of our house is bricked!
We definitely have weeks to go before it is ready, but our builder told us this past week that in the next two weeks we should have flooring (except hardwood), paint, cabinets and trim!
We spent a good hour or so out at our house on Sunday and it is just such an amazing experience to walk into this house and think its going to be ours!
I am so proud of Z and I for working hard to get to do this!
My party planning mode is already kicking in!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Friday was a very blah normal day, other than getting a ticket, yes a ticket Friday night our night was very uneventful. (I would like to say that "allegedly" I was going 48 in a 30....I have not had a ticket in almost 9 years!)
Saturday we were up early to drive an hour to get a table I found for a hellova good deal on Craigslist.
The pictures do not do it justice - but I got this little gem for $175 and the similar table I wanted from World Market was $700 - that is success to me!
Craigslist is my new serious addiction - we are currently out of room to store anything else or I probably would be going crazy!
Saturday night we went to see Pain & Gain
Seriously save your $50 it will cost for you and your man to go to the movie and just rent it from redbox for $1. All of the funny parts are in the previews and the movie is not a comedy....
Sunday after church we got to go to a Play Day at Texas Rangers Stadium!

View from the press box 

The opposing teams media coverage

More press box 

Rangers locker room that we definitely did not get to go in! Outside pictures only! 

Tunnel where the Rangers go to the field 

Good luck charm!

And another!

We took this same picture during our engagement pictures!  

Rangers dugout!

Rangers dugout!

Outside of the Rangers interview room!

Batting Cages!


This may surprise you (since I look like a professional) but I have never played baseball or softball.


Doesn't he look sexy!!?!?!?!

We had such a fun day and it was all for a good cause!
This was the kickoff for Reagan's Wish Foundation!
Sundays around our house are becoming a very busy day!
How was your weekend?
If anyone wants to say they got a speeding ticket as well this weekend, it would make me feel a little better!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{Our} Weekend

Happy Happy Tuesday!!!
I am a day behind posting about our weekend, but in my defense I got soooooo
wrapped up on Sunday looking at furniture online.
I am officially a Craigslist junkie....
Our weekend was very fun and very relaxed, a nice change from how crazy our lives have been the past couple of weeks!
Friday we got to enjoy a night with friends we had not seen in a while!
It was so great to catch up with them!

This was the patio we enjoyed on Friday night!
The band was SO good!
Saturday we were up at 630am!
Z had a golf tournament and if he is up early that means I am too!
Can anyone else not sleep when your spouse is gone?!?!
I got to spend the day with my friend Whitney, who I had not seen or hung out with in forever! We had so much fun chatting, shopping, eating and then me realizing I had spent too much money!
After shopping I spent the day outside with my puppies enjoying the sun!

(Ace's 2nd favorite thing to do besides eat...lay out)

(My new Texas necklace!! I was so excited to find this!)
Sunday after church Z and I had a very busy Sunday Funday!
After more shopping, more eating and dragging Z to a ton of furniture stores,
we went to the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth.
The festival always brings very good people watching!

(This was my favorite piece of art!)

And like I said I spent the rest of my Sunday glued to Craigslist!
How was your weekend?
Did anyone else get to enjoy the beautiful weather on Saturday?

Friday, April 19, 2013

3 {Years} Ago....

Three years ago I purchased my first home...

In those three years I got a roommate (My husband of course!), got engaged, married, we got our 2nd puppy, hosted parties, holidays, 2 Christmas's and celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
It was definitely a little bitter sweet on Wednesday moving out the very last of our things. However, I know that in our next home we will make even more memories to make it ours!
We are so excited about the next "chapter" in our lives....

(This is Z signing our closing papers, he was doing the "Erin" smile)
Currently this chapter begins in a rent home that looks like a tornado came through, also known as 2 dogs (Ace and Louie) and all of our "crap".
We received some AMAZING news this week that we are officially 60 days away from our home being completed!!!!
So fingers crossed we are moving in mid June!

Monday, April 15, 2013


This past weekend was my little sisters 21 first birthday AND her ring dunk at A&M!!!!

(We finally get to start planning our NYC trip that is less than a month away!!)

For those who do not know the Aggie traditions (which is easy because they have a TON) when a student becomes a senior they get their class ring!

Once you have your class ring you "dunk" it in a pitcher of beer and then chug!

Hannah ready to dunk her ring!
The Stage where they dunked!

Dropping her ring in!!

And she finished!!!

My Parents and sister!

Z, Hannah and me!

Our Cousins, Bret and Katie and Hannah!
We had so much fun seeing all of the girls dunk their rings!
Only one more year and we get to see Hannah graduate!!