Monday, April 29, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Friday was a very blah normal day, other than getting a ticket, yes a ticket Friday night our night was very uneventful. (I would like to say that "allegedly" I was going 48 in a 30....I have not had a ticket in almost 9 years!)
Saturday we were up early to drive an hour to get a table I found for a hellova good deal on Craigslist.
The pictures do not do it justice - but I got this little gem for $175 and the similar table I wanted from World Market was $700 - that is success to me!
Craigslist is my new serious addiction - we are currently out of room to store anything else or I probably would be going crazy!
Saturday night we went to see Pain & Gain
Seriously save your $50 it will cost for you and your man to go to the movie and just rent it from redbox for $1. All of the funny parts are in the previews and the movie is not a comedy....
Sunday after church we got to go to a Play Day at Texas Rangers Stadium!

View from the press box 

The opposing teams media coverage

More press box 

Rangers locker room that we definitely did not get to go in! Outside pictures only! 

Tunnel where the Rangers go to the field 

Good luck charm!

And another!

We took this same picture during our engagement pictures!  

Rangers dugout!

Rangers dugout!

Outside of the Rangers interview room!

Batting Cages!


This may surprise you (since I look like a professional) but I have never played baseball or softball.


Doesn't he look sexy!!?!?!?!

We had such a fun day and it was all for a good cause!
This was the kickoff for Reagan's Wish Foundation!
Sundays around our house are becoming a very busy day!
How was your weekend?
If anyone wants to say they got a speeding ticket as well this weekend, it would make me feel a little better!

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  1. No speeding ticket here, sorry! Love the table though & looks like so much fun at the ballpark!


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