Thursday, March 14, 2013


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One thing about having a weekend and week ruined because of someones stupid decision, is looking for the positive.
Z and I are very blessed and thankful for everything that God does for us.
We both know how undeserving we are.
I am thankful.....
For having a husband that loves me unconditionally
For the amazing family we have, Z's and mine, that supports us with each decision
For having a roof over our head
For selling our home and having a friend rent us her home.
For having jobs that we get to go to everyday
For having friends who we couldn't live without
I am thankful for another day that was not promised.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shopping {Spree}

I wish that the shopping spree my blog title is referring too had to do with me winning this AMAZING prize and getting to go shopping on my birthday weekend.
However, it was not me that got to go on a shopping spree, it was the scumbags who stole my identity my birthday weekend and opened 6 credit cards, that I know of currently.
I came home Saturday to check our mail and was very surprised to have 3 brand new credit cards in my name that I did not sign up for!
As of right now the only card they actually used was the Target credit card.
They bought $450 in thong panties....
I am not sure I have purchases $450 worth of panties in the 26 years I have been alive....
Saturday I had to call all of the credit card companies and report fraud, call the 3 credit bureaus and file a police report.
The only good thing that I see coming out of this, is that they may actually get caught. These people are actually shopping in the town I live in!
Thankfully Target has security cameras that they are going to release to the police so that they can get pictures of what the people look like.
I am so disgusted that people actually take someones personal information and use it to steal not only from the person whose information they are using illegally but from the stores that they are getting these credit cards from.
I honestly hope these people get hit by the city bus that they use as transportation or that I get to punch them in the throat......
Has this ever happened to any of you?
Here is to a better week - or at least trying to make it a better week.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A {Little} Extravaganza

***warning - picture overload***
This past weekend was my big 18th  26th birthday!
I didn't even cry, not once about turning 26!
BIG HUGE accomplishment for me and my sweet husband definitely made it such a wonderful weekend full of surprises that I couldn't do
anything but enjoy turning 26!
Friday we left our fur babies with their grandparents for the entire weekend, we definitely felt like we were those parents who have no idea what to do with out their children around...(or at least I think that's what it felt like)
So we did what every crazy parent does on a Friday night without their kids...drink 2 beers out of a 12 pack and call it a night.
Saturday we were up early and headed to the BIG D and I don't mean divorce...
(like how I changed up that one country song???)
Our first stop was the new Perot Museum

Z checking out what it looks like to hunt at night like a bird

Of course there had to be a tornado...

and there had to a whole floor about drilling for oil....

This guy was scary to take a picture of and he is dead!

Our favorite part of the museum was experiencing an earthquake...not a real one of course, we got to stand on a platform that shakes the same way a very extreme earthquake does. I have never experience a real earthquake but I would for sure die from a heart attack if the ground was moving like that!
Then we made a pit stop at Sfuzzi's
I ordered a mimosa and we shared a pizza with a fried egg on it!
The pizza was SOOOO GOOD and that carafe in the background, was the carafe of champagne they brought me....let's just say I am not one to day drink and be able to function.
I had to fight through it....
Next stop the Dallas Aquarium

This is a shark in a tunnel you walk through...he kept laying on the glass showing everyone his belly

Our favorite part of the aquarium was seeing all of the different fish, sharks, and the flamingos!!
Also, we thoroughly enjoyed watching a mother yell and shove her children so that she could get a self picture against a brick wall....
After the aquarium we headed to the mall, because you can't go to Dallas and not go to North Park!
I got so lucky at their 2 story Forever21!
2 shirts, pants, dress, 2 bracelets and necklace for $100 score!
And of course I needed my cake and to eat it too...except this cake is so good we stood in line and comes in the form of Sprinkles Cupcakes!
My favorite is the Banana Cupcake with chocolate frosting!
Our last stop of the night was to dinner at a super trendy restaurant called Saint Ann's (Dallas filmed a scene there!)
When we walk in I see my bff Alyssa and her man Chase!
And I I may have lied before.
But it's my party and I will cry if I want to, damn it!
Z did such a good job of keeping the whole day a secret and even not letting it out that Alyssa and Chase were meeting us for dinner....
I am a pretty lucky girl!