Monday, February 25, 2013

I {Need} Some Salt on Rim, Rim

Happy Monday Er'Body!!!
I am very much in a hood mood this morning, I even got my
 post title from a Nikki Minage rap rant!
And by hood mood I mean I just want to listen to Rianna's new song, the only part I know is "I still got my money..."
moving on....
We had a super busy weekend
I do like having a bunch to do, but I do love my weekends of laying around watching SOA all day long with my man and puppies!
Friday after getting spray tanned (finally) we celebrated the greatest day in the whole wide world...

I don't really need an excuse to drink a marg....

Saturday I ran errands with Alyssa to get ready for her engagement party!

Here are some of the highlights from the night....

(Little too much fun with the brides grandma!)

Sunday we wanted a relaxing day, but our house showed 4 times yesterday!!!
 We had a lot of fun driving around with the puppies!

Hoping we will be receiving some good news from one of those buyers!!!
How was your weekend??

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My {Birthday} Wish list

So....I know that I said I was not looking forward to turning 26 HOWEVER
I NEVER said I didn't want the presents!
Here are some of the current items I am lusting over and that I wouldn't mind receiving on my birthday..March 3rd (just for you who couldn't remember)
I am currently drooling over two a little bit more expensive than the other.
Michael Kors studded bag
Ily Couture Nude Tote
Ily Couture Basilissa - Pave Bracelet
3 monogrammed necklace - EGM
Kendra Scott Earrings
Steve Madden Nude Bow Heels
And last but not least - Celine Sunglasses
See so my birthday wish list is not that crazy!
I mean its called a wish list for a reason!
Do you have anything on your fashion radar you are lusting over?

Monday, February 18, 2013

{Our} Weekend

Happy Monday!!!!
I know that normally Mondays are not a happy day, however this week is a big week in the Gillean household - any prayers are very much welcomed!
Friday night Z and I had Valentine's Date part 2, thanks to my grandparents for the Salt Grass gift card for Christmas we enjoyed a nice dinner on them!
Perfect date is a free one!!
Saturday we were up at 630am, again...I am starting to see that we will probably not ever get to sleep in EVER again!
BUT I did get to snuggle with my fur baby for a little bit!

(only a face a mother could love!)
I also got to start a new book!

I only got through chapter one....I am trying to prep myself for the flood gates that will open from reading this book. I mean I cried like a baby when I read Marley and Me.
Saturday was also Shayna's first wedding shower!

She looks absolutely beautiful in her white dress and cowboy boots!!
And she didn't even mind that the gift I got her was in a horrible beat up box!
Definitely check out her blog this week because I know she is going to have pictures of how AMAZING the hostesses did with decorating!
Saturday night I went out with my bff Alyssa (who is also getting married this year!) and her other 2 bridesmaids to kick off the wedding festivities!!
It was so nice to meet the other two girls and we had such a blast! If my camera had not crapped out on me during Shayna's wedding shower I would have documentation of how much fun we had!
Sunday Z and I just spent the day with each other and running errands!
How was your weekend?
Hope you all have an AMAZING week and welcome to all of my new followers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday {Confessional}

I confess....
~That having our house listed is exciting and stressful all at the same time and its only been a week.
~That cleaning house every morning is for the birds, so if someone could buy our home real quick that would be GREAT!
~That my 25th birthday was horrible in more ways than one, I cried like a 2 year old. But hey, its my party and I can cry if I want too, right?
~26 is looking like it will be better than 25, even though I have already had a breakdown about turning 26.
~That I am soooooo ANGRY with myself for cutting my hair! I about have a breakdown every morning because I feel like my hair and makeup are a hot mess....
~That the ombre may have been soooooooo last season, but this girl is getting it again and very soon!
~That my Sundays have been consumed with Son's of Anarchy and this man...
~That having a no buy January was not such a great idea after all...I just want to go crazy in the mall and buy lots of clothes!
~That in January I already told my mom, my husband and my in-laws what I would like for my birthday....old habits die hard.
~That booking our vacation to Orange Beach, AL for the second week in July has really helped me put my workouts in high gear.
~That by putting my workouts in high gear I mean putting my speed on the treadmill from 5.0 to 5.3 while running.
~That a horrible trait I have is noticing married people not wearing their wedding rings and then in my mind trying to figure out what is wrong with their marriage.
~That not having my wedding ring for a week has made me super nervous that people think I am headed for divorce...Sam Moon fake wedding rings here I come!
~That after 14 months of being married I am FINALLY getting started this weekend on what pictures I want our photographer to put in our wedding album....FINALLY.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Happy Monday Tuesday!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Ours was jam pack full!
Friday, Z and Alyssa planned a date night for all of us and we went to the ghetto movie tavern for dinner and a movie!
Now I am not saying ghetto like its a bad thing...the movie tickets were only $6 and they had $9 pitchers..that is a winner in our book!
We saw Identity Theft
This movie was so funny, we all enjoyed all of the one liners (that I can't remember at this moment however my husband remembers them 1 hour after seeing the movie)
Saturday we were up at 630am...yes you read that right 630 AM
We had a very busy day of oil changes, golf lessons, cleaning house, OUR HOUSE SHOWING 2 TIMES!!! and a little date day with our fur babies in Dallas!
I had this grand idea that we would take our fur babies walking on the Katy Trail (a really cool running trail in Dallas were you could possibly see a shirtless Troy Aikman...he may be old enough to be my dad but I still think that silver fox is sexy!) however the Texas weather had other plans for us!

Since it was so chilly we just decided to skip the walking and go straight for the adult beverages and loaded queso at the Katy Trail Ice House..I mean who wouldn't??

(This Summer Beer - Blue Moon, Vodka and Lemonade - I have to learn to make this!)

(The very cool scenery - and the group of cool kids who were talking very loudly about the multiply units of X they had that normal?)

(Our yummy loaded queso!)
Surprisingly our fur babies did so good and just sat underneath our table like good children should!
Sunday consisted of this ALL.DAY.LONG.

They slept as close as possible to me and I watched 50 episodes of Son's of Anarchy!
How was your weekend?
Did anyone go see Identity Theft?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And So {It} Happened

I quit my job to move to New York to ice cupcakes every morning and walk dogs every night.
Well, only the first part of that sentence is right...I quit my job.
I stayed in the same industry, title, but I have moved companies and towns!
I am now working for a title company in Weatherford, which if you are not from this area means nothing to you.
This was definitely a move that took a lot of praying, talking to Z and my mom and lots of interviewing.
In one week I interviewed 6 times with 3 different companies. Obviously I have not been in the work field that long, however that is the most I have ever been interviewed IN MY LIFE!
I did a post here, in December how I had gotten a promotion and I was so excited, etc.
However, that was all good in theory but just the logistics of everything was not worked out and/or thought of when I was made the offer.
I fully believe that if you are going to be successful in any business, you need to plan on being successful because you worked for it and not because you depended on everyone else to do it for you.
I am very excited about the new company and the ladies I will be working with. They have an amazing team and are truly a team.
So only one change in 2013 of many more to come and it looks like it is going to be a lot better than 2012 was to us!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Happy Monday!!!
I am so happy that January is OVER! That had to be the LONGEST
month of my life!
No go out/no shopping is still in affect for February, however we have a lot of events
going on each weekend.
Which if we are busy then I can't even THINK about shopping!
Friday was a VERY BIG day...
let's see, I had a pedi scheduled with some friends (which I almost passed out/threw up becaues my skinny jeans were cutting the circulation off at my knees. I have to remember either shorts or easy to pull up pants for pedis!)
And then Friday I also quit my job...
wait, what???
yes you read that right!
(more to come tomorrow)
Saturday I woke up bright and early, and went shopping with a friend to help her pick out outfits and staple pieces.
We started at Clothes Mentor
This is a new resale shop in Fort Worth, not sure where they are all located. But I was very impressed with their selection and how organized they were.
I used to be a Plato's Closet junkie, but in the last couple of years they have not had anything good.
Z and I also go our taxes done on Saturday!
We were so happy and excited about our return we are getting, Z treated me to 2 for $20 at Chili's....we even had a $10 gift card!
Sunday included Church, working out and cooking for the Super Bowl!
We spent the Super Bowl aka the Beyonce watching party with some of Z's friends. It was such a good time AND all of the wives are just as big of Beyonce fans as I am.
We even convinced the guys to watch Beyonce rock it for a second time during the power outage!
I think I burned 500 calories just watching her dance as awesome as she did!
If the Destiny's Child onstage reunion is a hint that there may be a concert in the near future,
My bff, Alyssa, and I may already have our Destiny's Child outfits planned.....
How was your weekend?
What did you think about Beyonce's performance?
And by asking what you thought of her performance, I mean if you didn't think it was the greatest thing on earth.....then don't leave a comment.
(joking...sort of)