Monday, February 25, 2013

I {Need} Some Salt on Rim, Rim

Happy Monday Er'Body!!!
I am very much in a hood mood this morning, I even got my
 post title from a Nikki Minage rap rant!
And by hood mood I mean I just want to listen to Rianna's new song, the only part I know is "I still got my money..."
moving on....
We had a super busy weekend
I do like having a bunch to do, but I do love my weekends of laying around watching SOA all day long with my man and puppies!
Friday after getting spray tanned (finally) we celebrated the greatest day in the whole wide world...

I don't really need an excuse to drink a marg....

Saturday I ran errands with Alyssa to get ready for her engagement party!

Here are some of the highlights from the night....

(Little too much fun with the brides grandma!)

Sunday we wanted a relaxing day, but our house showed 4 times yesterday!!!
 We had a lot of fun driving around with the puppies!

Hoping we will be receiving some good news from one of those buyers!!!
How was your weekend??


  1. I love their wedding party gifts! Very creative! Crossing my fingers for y'all that you get an offer on the house!!!

  2. Wasn't National Margarita Day wonderful?! It was a nice surprise :-) Those are very cute wedding party gifts!


  3. Why do you ALWAYS seem to be having THE most fun?! Can I come visit?! Hehe! Cute gifts of course, and you look stunning, but what else is new?! ;)


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