Friday, September 30, 2011

{Fall} Recipes Via Pinterest

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Here are some yummy Fall recipes I found on Pinterest that I am dying to try!

Weight Watcher Bacon and Potato Chowder/Crock Pot
Weight Watchers Bacon and Potato Chowder

pumpkin whoopie pie (yum!)

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

This looks super delicious for Fall.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

Crockpot chicken taco chili.

Crock pot Chicken Taco Chili

lasagna soup

Lasagna Soup

pumpkin donuts= a perfect halloween tradition!

Pumpkin Donuts

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forgive and Forget

Forgive -  'to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt'

Forget - 'to banish from one's thoughts'

Forgive and Forget....these are the two hardest words I struggle with on a daily basis. One of my "bad" personality traits is not forgiving someone who, in my eyes, has done me wrong.

I know that I normally post on here about what new recipe I have tried, our upcoming wedding, my daily activities and my never ending want list. However, with our wedding less than 7 weeks away forgiving and forgetting have been weighing on my heart, a lot.

I am not talking about forgiving someone who may have given you a dirty look that one time in third grade or someone who gossiped about how bad your outfit looked that one time in college. No I am talking about a parent who treated their daughter like she was the most unimportant person in the world to them.

I am talking about my father.

When I was younger my dad was the best dad a girl could ask for. He even took me to see Clueless right when it came out in theaters because I HAD to see it. He was also the only man in the theater.

As I got older and started High School, I guess I was not the little girl I used to be and that is when everything started going south in our relationship.

From the time I was a Sophomore in High School my father and I would go at least 4 months at a time not talking because I did something to upset him. This was yearly.

As I went to college this pattern continued to happen, however it was my father so I had to forgive him even though in my heart it hurt that my father would chose to not talk to me or get so angry over small things like calling my mom and step dad "my parents" in front of him.

My Senior year in college my mom had surprised me with a trip to NY for my 21st birthday. I, knowing that I would be out of town for my dad's birthday, decided to bake him his favorite cake, buy him a ice chest with his favorite teams logo, and plan a pre birthday party.

After finding out that I was going to be in NY on his birthday and possibly going to Las Vegas that next Spring, he decided to tell everyone at his birthday party that "he sacrifices everything for me" and that "his life ended when mine started" - direct quotes

After not talking for a couple of months I forgave him for this as well, even though he told me I deserved hearing those things because of how I was acting. Other things happened after I graduated college and started my life as an independent adult. However, things were different, I decided to not let this vicious cycle continue any longer.

November when I am walking down the aisle to my future husband it will not be with my father. It will be with the father that has always treated me like a daughter and someone who is very important to step father.

I feel guilty at times that my father and his family will not be attending our wedding, but to end the cycle I did have to cut everyone out of my life.

So, I have forgiven my father, but how do I forget all of the times he did things to hurt me emotionally? Is it forgetting if you cut that person out of your life so that you are not putting yourself in the same situations? Does fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on me apply if its a parent or a close family member?



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Am {Watching}

I just really started watching at the end of last season, but I am already hooked this fall. I think this is a show I need to go back to the beginning and watch.

I have not made my mind up yet about this show. The first two episodes have been okay.

I am sure everyone is watching this due to what is going on with Charlie Sheen. Ashton Kutcher is hot, however still trying to decide if he is as funny as Charlie Sheen.

Z got me hooked on this show. Not really sure why else I like it.

Love love love this show! Crack up every time I watch it!

I have been hooked since it started when I was a junior in high school....cant get enough!

So sad this is the last season...I always want more after the episode is over!!

What is on your tv or in your dvr this fall? Any new shows I should be watching?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

My {VERY} First Giveaway!!!!

Since next month will be my 6 month anniversary of being a blogger, I decided to do a giveaway to all of my fabulous followers!!

I am so grateful for everyone who reads all of my rambling!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Songs

Our band emailed me this past Friday asking for a list of 20 songs to play while they are taking breaks.  I was a little freaked out at first because I had no idea how I was going to come up with 20 songs by Sunday to give to them.

While Z and I were on our way to the grape fest we knocked out the list in like 15 mins...a lot faster and easier than I thought. Lucky for me Z is really good at remembering songs I love.

Here are our list of songs:

Feet don't touch the ground - Stoney
Taste - Josh Abbott
 She's like Texas - Josh Abbott
 Who I am - Wade Bowen
 How To Love - lil Wayne
 Let's get it started - black eyed peas
 Tonight I am loving you - Enrique Igilcious
 On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
 Super Bass - Nikki Minaj
How sweet it is - James Taylor
 Down on Me - Jeremiah fet. 50 cent
 Cupid Shuffle
 Sweet Carolina
 Don't stop believing - Journey
Makin' Plans - Miranda Lambert
 One Woman - Randy Rogers
 I got a feelin - black eyed peas
 Benny and the Jets
 Cheers - Rihanna
 Love Shack - B52's

After I sent this list to the band, they emailed me back letting me know that obviously the rap songs and Rihanna would be played during the dj part of the night.

I emailed back assuring them that was fine because I did not expect them to try to rap like Lil' Wayne.

They emailed back reassuring me that they could rap like Lil' Wayne if they wanted too...Lol

I completely realize how random this play list is, I mean we have Texas Country, Lil' Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, and James Taylor...we are a little all over the place!

One thing that we really stressed to the band is that we are not wanting to play "wedding appropriate" songs. We just really want everyone to have a good time!

What do you think about our list?



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying {Some} New Things

I am all for branching out on pretty much anything. This past week I tried a new dinner and wine!

My mom turned me into a Costco junkie and on my first shopping trip there she told me I HAD to have this bacon wrapped pork tenderlion.

It was good however it was stuffed with a billion jalepenos and some type of cheese. I think I like my recipe from Paula Deen for bacon wrapped pork tenderlion better.

Will I buy this again...most likely not.

New Wine....New Age

Blend of Savignon Blanc and Torrontes.

I was a little leary about trying this since I have no idea what on earth Torrontes is and it came with a screw cap lid...however it was really good.

I pretty finished the whole bottle one I must have liked it a lot!

Will I buy this again....absolutely!



Monday, September 19, 2011

I Was {Dreaming} When I Wrote This....

.....Forgive me if it goes astray....
(Name that song)

Z and I had such a packed weekend that did not have to do with anything, dare I say?? Wedding stuff!

Sometimes always being planning planning and nothing else on the brain gets a little tiring!

On Friday I went to Stephenville for Delta Zeta's pref night! It was so good to see some of the girls I rushed with and to see and meet new faces!

Here is a little picture of the cute balloon arch!

Saturday I actually got to sleep in and do somethings around the house! I even talked Z into running multiple errands with me as long as I promised to have him home before the Texas game!

Saturday night we had two parties to attend, I went to mine without Z and then met up with him! My friend Krystal (and bridesmaid) got to come Texas for a day and we all surprised her with a dinner at Uncle Julios! It was so good to see her even if it was just for a couple of hours!

Sunday we went to the Grapevine Grape Fest! Super fun....festival and wine, what more could I want!

Not a wine bottle but a HUGE champagne bottle in "Champagne Terrace"

Our friends Ashley and Jeff being good sports so I could post pics on the blog

Z was upset that he had to be the boy! LOL

And in case you have a life and didn't make it home to watch SNL here is a must see...

How was everyone else's weekend?



Friday, September 16, 2011

Rushing Delta {Z}

This week has been girls rush week at Tarleton State. Since this has been the first year I have been an advisor to the Alum Chair, I have been a little more involved than other years after graduating.

Listening to all of the girls and seeing pictures makes me miss this week of being in college (among other things)

I can remember my rush week like it was yesterday and being so nervous that I was not going to be outgoing, stylish, and/or just enough to be in THE sorority I wanted to be in!

I seriously spent the whole weekend prior to strategically planning all of my outfits down to the earrings and bracelets I was going to wear.

After getting into the THE sorority I wanted and being on the other side during rush week, the love of the organization and girls really reminded me why I wanted to rush in the first place.

Off my soap box for are some of my pictures from my golden days in college!

(disclosure....I was packing the weight my first couple of years in college. I really enjoyed the freshman 15, er 20!)

I would be the chunky butt with jet black hair in the middle...I really did think it was a good look.

Homecoming my freshman year

Again thought I was looking good in the ripped jeans

Yes that would be Alyssa!

Looking super "gangsta" in our neon hats

When I think back on college I will not remember one single class (well maybe that one teacher who yelled at me in front of the whole class for going to the bathroom), but I will definitely remember all of the amazing times I had with my sisters!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recipe of the Week ~ {Cake} Drop Cookies

At my bridal shower this past Saturday the sandwich shop that did all of the food, made cake drop cookies (not sure that is their real name but sounds good)

There was two different kinds, chocolate and funfetti. After eating this dee-licous cookies my future MIL went home and discovered how to make them. In her words "best cheap and easy cookie to make"

A lot of box cakes already have the recipe on the side but some of them do not so here it is!

Choose any box cake mix:

Add in 1/3 Cup of Oil and 2 eggs.

Mix well.

Shape into one inch balls.

Bake at 375 on a greased cookie sheet for 6-8 minutes

and Viola!!

If you really wanted to get sugary you could top with frosting....but that would be getting a little crazy!

Enjoy my little domestic divas!!!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Our {Invitations} Have Been Mailed!!

I know this whole week has really been wedding week...but with being MIA last week I had to catch everyone up!

So last week my mom, Z, my dad, and I worked 15 hours total on our invitations. Why are we this crazy to do invitations on our own?? Well because we saved $1000.00, that's why!!

My mom said that if you would have told her she would have been making invitations when we first got engaged she said that she would have told you, you were crazy. But we actually did a really good job and it was not that hard to make them.

Here are some pics of last weeks craft time!

Yes that is a glue gun you see

Between my mom and I, we tied 200 of those knots.

No "I" in Team here

As you can see he was very excited to be helping!

Here are our beautiful invitations! I am absolutely in Love with them!

This is a BIG deal to make sure to read on the invitations....yes it is "Adult Only"

These are the adorable stamps we got!! I was so excited when I saw them at the post office that I sounded like I hit the jackpot.

Let me play out the conversation with the postal worker for you:

Me: I need to get 200 64 cent stamps for wedding invitations

Postal worker: The wedding cake ones?

Me: Oh!! Yes please!

Postal worker hands me the stamps

Me: Oh my goodness!! These are sooo adorable!! (in a shrieking voice)

Postal worker: Excuse me?

Me: The stamps, they are sooo cute!

She then proceeds to roll her eyes and tell me how much I owe her. Guess she was not as amused with how cute I thought the stamps were.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Shower {Hostess} Gifts

One of the hardest things to figure out planning our wedding, besides invitations, was hostess gifts. What do you get someone that is doing everything possible for a day to be special just for you?

After asking around and looking on every wedding website imaginable, I decided to do something for my first shower hostesses that would represent me.

Well, I LOVE wine

Like A LOT...

So I decided to do wine themed goodies for the hostesses.

Wine themed bags to go along with their bottle of wine

Cute little wine themed boxes to put their little goodies in

Of course this little guy was trying to help me the whole time!!

Wine for dummies....a very good read

Lady bug wine glass markers

Foil cutters

And of course the most important of all...the wine opener. My mom says it very important to carry one of these in your purse and/or car at all times in case you just need some wine.

I really thought I used my creative juices while putting their gifts together. Have you gotten a hostess gift that was really unique or horrible before?