Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Shower {Hostess} Gifts

One of the hardest things to figure out planning our wedding, besides invitations, was hostess gifts. What do you get someone that is doing everything possible for a day to be special just for you?

After asking around and looking on every wedding website imaginable, I decided to do something for my first shower hostesses that would represent me.

Well, I LOVE wine

Like A LOT...

So I decided to do wine themed goodies for the hostesses.

Wine themed bags to go along with their bottle of wine

Cute little wine themed boxes to put their little goodies in

Of course this little guy was trying to help me the whole time!!

Wine for dummies....a very good read

Lady bug wine glass markers

Foil cutters

And of course the most important of all...the wine opener. My mom says it very important to carry one of these in your purse and/or car at all times in case you just need some wine.

I really thought I used my creative juices while putting their gifts together. Have you gotten a hostess gift that was really unique or horrible before?



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