Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Give Me Yo Candy {Little} Girl

The title of today's blog is what my mom would tell me in a scary voice every Halloween growing's from an old SNL Halloween Skit.
(Teen Mom 2 Amber and Gary - Halloween Circa 2011)
(Hillbilly and Sexy Cowgirl - Halloween Circa 2008)
We are one CLASSY couple!!
If you need a last minute Halloween treat to make, I made this yummy pizza dip last night and added blue corn tortilla chips as the eyes and nose and sliced black olives for the mouth!
Z and I enjoyed one last night and I am sure my co-workers will enjoy theirs today!
More importantly than Halloween today is our Little Louie's First Birthday!!!!
He will be getting his hair cut for his birthday since you can't even see his eyes this morning!!!
Hope you all have a very spooky Halloween and I can honestly say I am so excited about tomorrow being the first of November!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend {Wonders}

Ello Lovies!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!
Ours was jam pack full and I was just telling Z last night that we do not have a "simple-relaxing-nothing-to-do" weekend until after the first of the year....thought my life was suppose to slow down after I got out of college and married?!?!?
Friday night Date Night was so nice! We had amazing pizza and Brix makes you feel like you are family eating there! The Snow White Pizza, Bellini's and Nutella pizza were to DIE FOR!
Saturday morning I drug myself out of bed (felt the alcohol from the night before) and had brunch with Hiedi and Shayna!!
Hiedi and her yummy breakfast pizza!
My amazing banana bread french toast - yeah it was really good!
After brunch Z and I headed to College Station for our sweet friends Whitney and Steven's wedding! It was absolutely perfect and everything was sooo Whitney, which I loved!
We are for sure Team Whitney!!!
Me, the beautiful bride Whitney, and our co-worker Pam!
Sunday Z and I got to have breakfast with my sister Hannah and her boyfriend Eric! We were so excited to get to see them!
We also had a Halloween photo shoot - Ace the Jester and Louie the bitch Witch!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Is anyone else freaking out that the holidays are fast approaching or is it just me?? Please tell me its not just me!
PS I am starting Julian Michael's 30 shred - any encouraging words or harsh words that it helps get my booty in check are greatly appreciated!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday {Favs}

Pinned Image
This week has definitely been one for the books that I would like to never revisit again....
Pinned Image
(Seriously this happened to me when I was younger and no one helped me they just kept walking by staring)
Since my week was so bad these are the things I am looking forward to this weekend!
(Guess I should have titled it, my week was a shit show - happy weekend to me!)
Date night tonight with my man! We are trying a new place called Brix!
I may have a whole bottle of wine and pizza by myself!
Saturday morning brunch with my favorite group of girls (minus our friend Krystal) at Lucille's!
My sweet friend Whitney's wedding!!
And relaxing on Sunday with my man enjoying the "cold" weather that blew in last night!
Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend and cross your fingers next week is a lot better!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween {Crafting}

In an attempt to get into the Halloween Spirit and get my Pinterest crafting fix for the month, here are a few Halloween crafts I did this past week!
Halloween mix! My boss and I handed these out to our clients!
We kind of took a few mixes we liked from different Halloween mixes on Pinterest
Halloween Mix
~1 bag stick pretzels
~1 bag caramel pop corn
~2 bags candy corn
~1 bag candy corn flavored M&M's
~ 1/2 bag plain bugles
~ 1/2 bag white chocolate dipped bugles sprinkled with Halloween sprinkles
Last night I decorated the pumpkins I got this weekend at the farmer's market.
So I am not the best at the Chevron design, Z thought I was trying to make it look 3D.....
What Halloween crafts have you done?

Monday, October 22, 2012

{Our} Homecoming Weekend

Seriously is this what happens when you get old the weekends go by really fast?
First off I totally ran out of time on Friday to post the Jamberry Giveaway Winner!!
I think monster mania is my favorite in light of the Halloween season! :)
I "liked" Amanda's page and I'm about to become a follower!!
I would love to win the purple and green and black plaid ones!!
Erica email me which Jamberry nail design you would like and your mailing address! Congrats!
Friday after work Z and I hurried home, packed our bags and were off to Stephenville to celebrate Tarleton's Homecoming.
(The Smokestack shinning in Purple for Homecoming)
Prior to going out and seeing all of our college friends, Z request we eat at Montana's (his favorite spot in Stephenville) They are known for their greasy food and the normal stomach ache you will have after consuming said grease.
Well either I need to quit taking pictures of my food or just be more cautious of the food I am shoveling into my mouth, BECAUSE a couple hours later I ended up throwing my guts up from eating the above food. How does one person get food poisoning twice in a three month period??
The only good thing that came out of Friday night was getting to see Josh Weathers play! I think I am on the fast track of being BFF's with him!
Saturday after slowly but surely getting myself ready, the DZ girls had a lunch for the Alum! It was so good to see my DZ Sisters!
After coming home and napping, Saturday night Z, my friend Christa and I all went to see Argo
This is such a good movie! I was on my seat the whole time! Everyone needs to go see it!
Sunday after church, grocery shopping and cleaning our house I decided to make a couple of meals for us to eat this week!
Really it was a brilliant idea, BUT I am getting OLD and my feet were killing me after being on them all day. Like how does this happen?
I made Z's mom's lasagna all the way up to the cooking part. So tonight all I will have to do it pop it in the oven!
I made Erin's Crust less Spinach Quiche from Love, Fun and Football for Z and I to have this week for breakfast. I am eating now as I blog and it is so good! The only thing I added that she did not was sausage!
And Last night for dinner I made us Cinnamon Roll Pancakes which looked like this on Pinterest.
Pinned Image
And this is what mine looked like....
So...maybe looks is not all that important because Z did like them even though they did look like roadkill!
How was y'alls weekend? Do you ever cook on Sundays for the week? Please share!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cake Decorating Week {2}

Yesterday was week 2 class 2 of Cake Decorating 101. I am proud to say that I got a PRIZE for getting to class first! Don't hate...I am a nerd who is easily bought by prizes...
I also got to class early so I could avoid LOUISE (yes mean old bitty cake lady has a name), well guess who shows up right after me like a bull in a china cabinet and plops right beside me???
you guessed correct! Louise
why oh why do I have to deal with her for the whole course?? and YOU KNOW she is going to take the others as well and I will get stuck sitting next to her!
Louise was pretty calm when class first start however this is how the conversation went regarding the filling she brought for her cake:
Me: Well Louise what kind of filling did you bring?
Louise: The kind that we like.
Me: Oh...oh okay...
-enter nice lady-
nice lady: What kind of filling did you say it was Louise?
Louise: Its the kind we like, its strawberries, blueberries, coconut and pecans. But its just for us because its what we like.
WTF Louise - who is we????
Here are some pics of last nights adventures!
I used my seat belt to make sure my cake made it to class all in one piece. I feel like this is what "real" cake people do...
My lemon cake ready to be iced!
My icing job
Transferring a pattern on the cake to decorate!
My finished product!
Not too bad for only class two huh?? I may be patting myself on the back as we speak!
Last Louise story of the day because we both know she will make some type of scene come next week...
As we are all packing up and leaving she ask Ric (our instructor) what she needed the 1 cup of Crisco for. Ric tells her that she did not need it, she starts raising her voice telling him he told her she needed it, all of the class starts telling her no she didn't, she proceeds to tell all of us that "SHE KNEW WHAT SHE HEARD"  and Ric told her bring it because she wrote it down.
So no one else brought it or heard we were suppose to bring it BUT we are the fools...
I mean cake decorating would not be the same without Louise...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Well Howdy Folks, I'm Big Tex"

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Ours as usual was pack full!
Friday night we went to dinner with my parents! We started out at San Miguel but after reviewing their menu and it not being the "Mexican" food we were wanting we moved our dinner party to Yucatan Taco Stand - both are super good!
(OOTD - Shirt Forever21, Necklace Ebay, Black Skinny Jeans H&M)
Saturday Z and I woke up early and headed to McKinney to visit his Grandpa in the hospital, any prayers are welcomed.
I had to be matchy matchy with my husband since he was supporting his Longhorns (even though they lost) and send a picture to my sister and her boyfriend since they are Aggies!
We made a little detour at Dunkin Donuts to pick up coffee and somehow we ended up with a box of these....
Dunkin Donuts new Pumpkin Munchkin may be my favorite!
Saturday night was full of cleaning and watching I Don't Know How She Does It, with Sarah Jessica Parker - super cute movie!
Sunday after church we made our way (very slowly) to the Fair in Dallas! This is mine, Z's, Alyssa's and Chase's yearly tradition! We pretty much just go for the food...sad but true.
First and almost the most important stop..the best Root Beer you have EVER had in your entire life. I promise.
Deep fried cheesecake with strawberry topping...
Alyssa's yummy turkey leg!
Alyssa and me standing in line for the yummiest Corny Dogs!!!

Chase and Alyssa with their deep fried bacon cinnamon roll!

Z and his deep fried cake ball - disgusting, I almost threw up, he seemed to like them though

Cute little gators in the Greenhouse on the Midway

Of course we had to play some games - we won our dogs two prizes!

Chase and Alyssa and their prize pig!

So proud of our winnings!

Z was bound and determined to find these and we finally did!

They were actually pretty good minus the hamburger

We all left smelling like fried food and with tummy aches but we had a blast!
How was your weekend? Does anyone else go to something just for the food or is just us?? Please tell me its not just us.....