Monday, October 22, 2012

{Our} Homecoming Weekend

Seriously is this what happens when you get old the weekends go by really fast?
First off I totally ran out of time on Friday to post the Jamberry Giveaway Winner!!
I think monster mania is my favorite in light of the Halloween season! :)
I "liked" Amanda's page and I'm about to become a follower!!
I would love to win the purple and green and black plaid ones!!
Erica email me which Jamberry nail design you would like and your mailing address! Congrats!
Friday after work Z and I hurried home, packed our bags and were off to Stephenville to celebrate Tarleton's Homecoming.
(The Smokestack shinning in Purple for Homecoming)
Prior to going out and seeing all of our college friends, Z request we eat at Montana's (his favorite spot in Stephenville) They are known for their greasy food and the normal stomach ache you will have after consuming said grease.
Well either I need to quit taking pictures of my food or just be more cautious of the food I am shoveling into my mouth, BECAUSE a couple hours later I ended up throwing my guts up from eating the above food. How does one person get food poisoning twice in a three month period??
The only good thing that came out of Friday night was getting to see Josh Weathers play! I think I am on the fast track of being BFF's with him!
Saturday after slowly but surely getting myself ready, the DZ girls had a lunch for the Alum! It was so good to see my DZ Sisters!
After coming home and napping, Saturday night Z, my friend Christa and I all went to see Argo
This is such a good movie! I was on my seat the whole time! Everyone needs to go see it!
Sunday after church, grocery shopping and cleaning our house I decided to make a couple of meals for us to eat this week!
Really it was a brilliant idea, BUT I am getting OLD and my feet were killing me after being on them all day. Like how does this happen?
I made Z's mom's lasagna all the way up to the cooking part. So tonight all I will have to do it pop it in the oven!
I made Erin's Crust less Spinach Quiche from Love, Fun and Football for Z and I to have this week for breakfast. I am eating now as I blog and it is so good! The only thing I added that she did not was sausage!
And Last night for dinner I made us Cinnamon Roll Pancakes which looked like this on Pinterest.
Pinned Image
And this is what mine looked like....
So...maybe looks is not all that important because Z did like them even though they did look like roadkill!
How was y'alls weekend? Do you ever cook on Sundays for the week? Please share!


  1. Weekends DEFINITELY go by way too fast!!! AND I was on my feet all day yesterday, they were literally throbbing by the time I got home and got off work. Not okay!

    I bet Jared would love that quiche if I add sausage next time, I'm not a huge fan- but he is. Good idea! :)

  2. I'm so sad I missed Homecoming this year! :( Looks like y'all had fun... Ugh, Montana's. I have a love/hate relationship with them. LOL! Best when trying to cure a hangover! Those pancakes look to die for!!!


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