Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cake Decorating Week {2}

Yesterday was week 2 class 2 of Cake Decorating 101. I am proud to say that I got a PRIZE for getting to class first! Don't hate...I am a nerd who is easily bought by prizes...
I also got to class early so I could avoid LOUISE (yes mean old bitty cake lady has a name), well guess who shows up right after me like a bull in a china cabinet and plops right beside me???
you guessed correct! Louise
why oh why do I have to deal with her for the whole course?? and YOU KNOW she is going to take the others as well and I will get stuck sitting next to her!
Louise was pretty calm when class first start however this is how the conversation went regarding the filling she brought for her cake:
Me: Well Louise what kind of filling did you bring?
Louise: The kind that we like.
Me: Oh...oh okay...
-enter nice lady-
nice lady: What kind of filling did you say it was Louise?
Louise: Its the kind we like, its strawberries, blueberries, coconut and pecans. But its just for us because its what we like.
WTF Louise - who is we????
Here are some pics of last nights adventures!
I used my seat belt to make sure my cake made it to class all in one piece. I feel like this is what "real" cake people do...
My lemon cake ready to be iced!
My icing job
Transferring a pattern on the cake to decorate!
My finished product!
Not too bad for only class two huh?? I may be patting myself on the back as we speak!
Last Louise story of the day because we both know she will make some type of scene come next week...
As we are all packing up and leaving she ask Ric (our instructor) what she needed the 1 cup of Crisco for. Ric tells her that she did not need it, she starts raising her voice telling him he told her she needed it, all of the class starts telling her no she didn't, she proceeds to tell all of us that "SHE KNEW WHAT SHE HEARD"  and Ric told her bring it because she wrote it down.
So no one else brought it or heard we were suppose to bring it BUT we are the fools...
I mean cake decorating would not be the same without Louise...

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  1. You should have asked her if she had a mouse in her pocket? Hehe


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