Thursday, May 31, 2012


For lack of a better word I have a bit of writer's  bloggers block....

so here is a dump of what's on my mind.....

**I am very curious about this whole "BB Creme" thing...everyone seems to be making it and it is KILLING me that I don't know what it is. Anyone feel free to enlighten me!

**I feel like my life is very dull or shall I say "vanilla" since I am finished reading the Shades of Grey trilogy....

like I have not figured out what to do with my spare time.

 **Speaking of Shades of Grey, anything that has to do with it I want it, have to have it, NEED it...

50 shades of Grey. Oh Yes!

50 shades

(yes I am ridiculous enough to wear the shirt)

**Again, something I am not all in the hype should Z and I be eating this daily, weekly, monthly???

Marinated Kale Recipe

(Marinated Kale recipe here)

Pinned Image

(Kale Chip recipe here)

Am I not doing my wifely duties by not serving it for dinner??

**I just started walking this week as my workout since I am still a little sore from my surgery. ....what is up with the "Biker Attitude" - not the whole "I own a Harley, have a shaved head, wear leather and may be in a gang" I am talking about the "I wear a helmet, wear clothes that are too tight, think I need to take up the whole trail" Biker.

**Tuesday when I was walking with some co-workers, a blonde woman biker came by making fun of us....this is for you little miss biker....if I see you on the trail again and you make fun of us I will push you off of your bike...dork!

**Even though I have only walked two days, walking outside (even though its 200 degrees out) is so nice after being in an office all day long.

**Today officially marks 60 days until our VACATION!!!!!!! I know that is a little far out to start counting but it may be what gets me through this summer!

We will be lounging here....

**And lastly...Z and I received the One Touch Can Opener as a wedding present...

almost 7 months and 3 YouTube videos later, I still cannot figure out how to work this stupid thing...again please enlighten me if you know how!



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My {Current} Obsession

I know I am probably late getting on this band wagon but I have found a lot of good stuff super cheap on Etsy!!

Here are my current wants!


I have been searching for something to go above Z and my bed...I finally found it! For an 18 inch metal 3 letter monogram its only $38 here  - I am ordering it soon and can not wait to finally show you guys our finished room!


I love love love cute little kitchen accessories! These are absolutely perfect to keep your cupcake cups together! They can be purchased here

Bikini Sunbathing....Bandeau/Halter/Crop Bow Top..Custom Order

I am absolutely in love with this bathing suit top!! We are going to the beach the first of August and I am definitely going to snag this to wear! I think it is too cute not to buy!! This cute bikini top can be purchased here

Full / Double Size Ruffled Throw

This super cute ruffled throw can be purchased here - I want this in a full comforter for mine and Z's bed! I just love all of the ruffles. This shop also has pillows!

Since I am new to Etsy, what are some of your favorite shops or even better, do you have an Etsy shop?



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Our} Weekend

Our weekend long relaxing weekend consisted of......

Yummy Sweet Sammies, best combo ever - chocolate chip cookie (warmed) with a scoop of mint chocolate chip on top!

New nail polish for only $1.99 at Target....

That is actually really good nail polish!

Starting a new book...and being highly disappointed because it did not peak my interest like 50 Shades...

Wearing my new outfit and new hair to the Colonial on Saturday...

and finally getting to see John Daily in person and his crazy clothes!

After being in the sun all day long Saturday, Z and I definitely slept 12 straight hours until 630 am Sunday morning. Let's just say we were both "bright eyed and bushy tailed" and Spring cleaned our whole house!!

Yay us!

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do You {Ombre}?

I hope too...seriously I have been trying to get the ombre for well over 2 months now.

A little redic I know...but I love it!

I want my hair to look like this...

....and not just because she is a Kardashian

So..tonight I am supposedly going to the Ombre "guru" to get it done!

Z will be so excited because I have been complaining about wanting my hair like this for so long!

I went to my current hair stylist to have it done and when I told her I wanted the Ombre, she looked like a dear and head lights. Needless to say I have a wanna be ombre.

Cross your fingers for me!



Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi this is you remember me?? I used to blog??

I thought Summer would mean our lives would slow down...nope, guess again!! We are busier than ever and that means that I come home and collapse!

Recently, We celebrated Z's 24th Birthday!!!! He says I always plan things on his birthday that do not pertain to his birthday, so this year I tried to make it extra special!

He got gifts every day for his WHOLE birthday week!

I know, wife of the year award here I come!

This is us this past Saturday night at one of our favs, Love Shack!

Since my mom was at my house helping me since I got boobies...wait what?? Oh, y'all didn't know I got boobs???

Yes, this happened and I am crazy and show y'all pictures!

Anywho....since my mom was taking care of me, she made our flower bed prettier, made our patio more homey and even planted flowers in our new flower pots!!

Seriously I love it! I love being able to sit outside and eat dinner or just enjoy the evening with my man!!! (insert awe's here)

So here it is...this is what I have been SOOOOO busy with!

Hope y'all have a great week!!



Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend {Fun}

Friday night Z and I headed over to his friends house to watch the Texas Ranger's play!

On the way there I started the last Shades of Grey book....seriously, tear...

I made this yummy cream cheese dip for our watching party.

If you have never heard of Tastefully Simple check them out. This English Toffee Spread is amazing especially with strawberries and little graham crackers!

Finished product! Yum!

Saturday my Mom hosted a Stella and Dot Trunk show!!

She had that adorable white antique vanity so I got to use it with my display!! So much fun!

Saturday night I cooked Baked Enchilada Dip, the Blue Eyed Brides Bow Tie Fiesta Pasta, and Sopapilla Cheese cake in celebration of Mother's Day!

Me and my sweet Mommy on my wedding day!

Sunday we went to watch the Texas Rangers play at the Ballpark!!

It is "officially" baseball season since I had my first Ballpark hot dog of the season!

Seriously I could eat 10 of these!!!

This is my man Ian Kinsler batting!! He is such a hottie!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed mother's day!! I got told happy mother's day twice because I was taking a 4 year old to get ice cream! lol I just smiled and said thank you!



Monday, May 7, 2012

{Weekend} Updated With New {Recipes}

Friday Z and I actually did nothing! We had no plans, just us and our dogs! I love those weekends!

I cooked Lemon Butter Shrimp with Italian Seasoning from Pearls, Handcufss and Happy Hour blog!  If you do not follow this blog, do yourself a favor and follow her! Best Recipes ever!


I borrowed this picture from Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour blog since her dinner turned out a lot prettier than mine!

I also finished the 1st Shades of Grey book - y'all even if you are not a reader YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! I will do a blog post about this but

Z and I also started the Mad Men season 1 - okay so maybe we did do a lot Friday night!

Saturday we had a breakfast "date" to Montgomery Street Cafe in Fort Worth.

If you are in Fort Worth and want a good breakfast, you have to eat here! I am such a breakfast person and I have not had a good breakfast out in a while. Its also super duper cheap - Z and I both got huge plates and with tip it was only $16 for the both of us!

Saturday night we celebrated my Mommies birthday!

Suprisingly I did not take one picture all night - I mean who am I!?!?! This was a skater dude who skates around west 7th.

Sunday other than being lazy and cleaning our house, I started book number two of Shades of Grey

Y'all I can not put these books down! Z gets so mad because all I want to do is read and not do anything else!

Sunday I did break away from reading to make my man dinner!

I made Crock Pot Pot Roast Sliders With Creamy Chipotle Sauce from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour.


Again I stole her picture because she is a lot better at presentation than I am!

If you are looking for two super easy recipes this week, these two are perfect and both are really yummy! Z and kid approved!



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Wanted} The PERFECT Pair

Ladies I have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans for 3 summers now - where am I not shopping that all of you gals are???

white jeans - feminine

white jeans

White Jeans

I know I could probably get a really good pair for over $100, however I would like to not spend over $100 on a pair of pants that I will not be wearing all summer long since the temps in Tejas get super duper hot!!

Suggestions needed!!!!!