Thursday, May 31, 2012


For lack of a better word I have a bit of writer's  bloggers block....

so here is a dump of what's on my mind.....

**I am very curious about this whole "BB Creme" thing...everyone seems to be making it and it is KILLING me that I don't know what it is. Anyone feel free to enlighten me!

**I feel like my life is very dull or shall I say "vanilla" since I am finished reading the Shades of Grey trilogy....

like I have not figured out what to do with my spare time.

 **Speaking of Shades of Grey, anything that has to do with it I want it, have to have it, NEED it...

50 shades of Grey. Oh Yes!

50 shades

(yes I am ridiculous enough to wear the shirt)

**Again, something I am not all in the hype should Z and I be eating this daily, weekly, monthly???

Marinated Kale Recipe

(Marinated Kale recipe here)

Pinned Image

(Kale Chip recipe here)

Am I not doing my wifely duties by not serving it for dinner??

**I just started walking this week as my workout since I am still a little sore from my surgery. ....what is up with the "Biker Attitude" - not the whole "I own a Harley, have a shaved head, wear leather and may be in a gang" I am talking about the "I wear a helmet, wear clothes that are too tight, think I need to take up the whole trail" Biker.

**Tuesday when I was walking with some co-workers, a blonde woman biker came by making fun of us....this is for you little miss biker....if I see you on the trail again and you make fun of us I will push you off of your bike...dork!

**Even though I have only walked two days, walking outside (even though its 200 degrees out) is so nice after being in an office all day long.

**Today officially marks 60 days until our VACATION!!!!!!! I know that is a little far out to start counting but it may be what gets me through this summer!

We will be lounging here....

**And lastly...Z and I received the One Touch Can Opener as a wedding present...

almost 7 months and 3 YouTube videos later, I still cannot figure out how to work this stupid thing...again please enlighten me if you know how!



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