Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak {Peak}

We are so lucky to have found Justin Dearing with Only Son Media to Video our wedding! I can not wait to see the whole video of our big day!

Wanted to share with you all the quick sneak peak Justin sent us last night!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiration - {Motivation}

Work out inspiration....

True for everything we do... Everything.

very true!

repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning :)    50 jumping jacks  5 pushups   20 sit ups  20 mountain climbers  30 second plank  7 burbees. total body. (interesting)...before your brain realizes what you are doing.



Since the wedding and the all you can eat honeymoon we had, Z and I are definitely feeling our winter weight coming on! Thankfully we love to workout together AND my bff Alyssa has committed to working out with me at least 5 days a week at her house to Extreme 90! Same concept as P90X, we are on day 3 today and I am honestly feeling these workouts!!

What do you do to stay motivated during the holidays?



Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Weekend {Update}

I hope everyone had a very family filled amazing weekend! It was such a special time for us not only because this is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, but also because it was exactly 1 year ago that Z popped the question!

I will always love Thanksgiving not only for the family time but for being the time of year that my life changed in an amazing way!


We had 2, yes 2 Thanksgivings this year. One with my parents on Wednesday night and one Thursday at my grandparents house. We are definitely feeling and seeing all that we ate!

My Step Dad smoked our turkey on Wednesday night and it was sooo delicious! If you have never had smoked turkey you need to asap!

Z also enjoyed watching Texas beat A&M on Thanksgiving day. He is the only longhorn fan in a family of Aggies..makes for a fun time watching games!

Sweet little Acer of course is always UT ready with his collar that his grandparents bought him!


I talked my Mom into going on Thursday night to Walmart at 930pm so that I could get sheets and movies! We were seriously re-thinking our idea once we got to Walmart.

This was the craziness for electronics

And this is the craziness for 600 thread count sheets for $19, sad to say but I did push a little boy out of the way so that I could get the chocolate brown sheets I wanted! I had a lady coaching me on what to do the whole time!

My cute Momma with her $2.68 food chopper and paper shredder that she was very worried she was not going to get!

We made it in and out with no scratches, bruises or being maced in 20 mins! Success!

Since Thanksgiving is officially over it was time to break out all of our Christmas Decor! I was super excited to decorate our tree this year because I got some amazing stuff at Hobby Lobby for 50% off...don't buy anything at Hobby Lobby unless it's 50% off!

Little Acer is already in the Christmas Spirit!

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree....I have to say I could not have put together such a cute tree without Alyssa and my Mom! I become non-creative when it comes to decorating a tree!

And lastly, I made my very first pot roast on Sunday night! My man even loved it! I got an awesome crock pot recipe, here, and it is sooo good I will be making it again!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am {Thankful} For:

1. Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my signs
2. My husband (still gives me butterflies to say that)
3. My parents
4. My sister
5. My family
6. My job and the amazing people I work with.
7. Having a beautiful home that Z and I share with our puppy Ace.
8. Having 2 almost paid off cars and 1 almost paid off student loan
9. All of my wonderful friends
10. And living in a country that I am free

As the holiday hype has already begun due to the urgency put on by the stores and all of the Christmas commercials, I am very thankful to be as blessed as I am and working on remembering that as I share a day full of family on Thursday.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

Could not be Thanksgiving without Adam Sandler's Happy Thanksgiving Song!! Enjoy!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rehearsal {Dinner}

Our rehearsal dinner was held at Winslow's Wine Cafe in Fort Worth. We had a bit of a bumpy ride planning everything with them, however they went above and beyond to make our rehearsal dinner amazing!

Zach and I chose Winslow's because it is a very laid back casual atmosphere and we wanted everyone to be able to relax and have fun the night before the wedding.

Our menu was 12 different brick oven pizzas, Greek salad, cheeses, fruits, and of course the most amazing lemon drop cheesecake ever!!

At the rehearsal dinner we handed out gifts to our parents and bridal party. The groomsmen received black leather money clips with their initials engraved on the front and the bridesmaids received a tote bag with earrings to wear with their bridesmaid dresses!

Chance, Krystal, Jeremy and Hiedi!

Alyssa, Chase and Corrie

My Grandma, Me and My Mom

Brianna, Joe, Jonathan, Chuck and JT

The amazing Lemon Drop Cheesecake!

Me and Z

Me and all of my bridesmaids!

He really loves my kisses!

We had such a great time and my bridesmaids took me for a scavenger hunt of old high school stories afterward! No pictures were allowed!



Monday, November 21, 2011

I Am Finally A "G"

Well its O-FICIAL, Z and I are married!!!

We had such an amazing wedding put on by our parents and we honestly could not have done any of it without them. Our day was filled with so much love from our friends and family, we could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day!

We should have some sneak peaks soon of the wedding so that I can share with you all.

Thursday night of the wedding week was our rehearsal. I learned so much that night of what you are not "suppose" to do because it is bad luck. So, to spare us of bad luck forever Hannah (my sister/maid of honor) was so gracious to step in to pretend to be me.

Thursday was a lot of fun getting to see how everything was going to work! After the rehearsal we went to Love Shack, where Z asked my mom if he could marry me and our favorite band was playing! Perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Mom....

Mom, I know you are super stressing during these last days of getting everything ready for my big day. But this song sums up how thankful I am for everything you have done for me and Zach and the example you and Kelly set for me growing up.

We love you so much!



Monday, November 7, 2011

If You're Reading This Before 11/12/11 Then...

You have reached Erin Zoellick and Zach Gillean...If you're reading this after 11/12/11 then you have reached Mr. and Mrs. Gillean!!!

Love love that Friends episode....

Seriously this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks...I am getting married in FIVE days people!

I know we have been planning this for almost a year now but this morning it all hit.

It may be that I am trying to pack for our honeymoon and I am having anxiety about forgetting some of my hair products...seriously I use at least five, that's another story!

I seriously feel like this in the inside:

and hope I look like this on the outside:

Wish Z luck that I don't go in complete panic mode!