Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi this is you remember me?? I used to blog??

I thought Summer would mean our lives would slow down...nope, guess again!! We are busier than ever and that means that I come home and collapse!

Recently, We celebrated Z's 24th Birthday!!!! He says I always plan things on his birthday that do not pertain to his birthday, so this year I tried to make it extra special!

He got gifts every day for his WHOLE birthday week!

I know, wife of the year award here I come!

This is us this past Saturday night at one of our favs, Love Shack!

Since my mom was at my house helping me since I got boobies...wait what?? Oh, y'all didn't know I got boobs???

Yes, this happened and I am crazy and show y'all pictures!

Anywho....since my mom was taking care of me, she made our flower bed prettier, made our patio more homey and even planted flowers in our new flower pots!!

Seriously I love it! I love being able to sit outside and eat dinner or just enjoy the evening with my man!!! (insert awe's here)

So here it is...this is what I have been SOOOOO busy with!

Hope y'all have a great week!!



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