Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween {Crafting}

In an attempt to get into the Halloween Spirit and get my Pinterest crafting fix for the month, here are a few Halloween crafts I did this past week!
Halloween mix! My boss and I handed these out to our clients!
We kind of took a few mixes we liked from different Halloween mixes on Pinterest
Halloween Mix
~1 bag stick pretzels
~1 bag caramel pop corn
~2 bags candy corn
~1 bag candy corn flavored M&M's
~ 1/2 bag plain bugles
~ 1/2 bag white chocolate dipped bugles sprinkled with Halloween sprinkles
Last night I decorated the pumpkins I got this weekend at the farmer's market.
So I am not the best at the Chevron design, Z thought I was trying to make it look 3D.....
What Halloween crafts have you done?


  1. I love the painted pumpkins - such a good idea! Much easier than carving!

  2. Hi there - I am your newest follower and just love your blog. The pumpkins are adorable and I think I will be copying that recipe for a party I am going to this weekend!


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