Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday {Favs}

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This week has definitely been one for the books that I would like to never revisit again....
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(Seriously this happened to me when I was younger and no one helped me they just kept walking by staring)
Since my week was so bad these are the things I am looking forward to this weekend!
(Guess I should have titled it, my week was a shit show - happy weekend to me!)
Date night tonight with my man! We are trying a new place called Brix!
I may have a whole bottle of wine and pizza by myself!
Saturday morning brunch with my favorite group of girls (minus our friend Krystal) at Lucille's!
My sweet friend Whitney's wedding!!
And relaxing on Sunday with my man enjoying the "cold" weather that blew in last night!
Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend and cross your fingers next week is a lot better!


  1. Aww! I'm sorry you had such a terrible week! Delicious breakfast in the morning & a mimosa should help... oh yah, & your friends you'll be with! DUH!

  2. HAHA that fence pic is hilarious. Have a great weekend!


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