Friday, September 16, 2011

Rushing Delta {Z}

This week has been girls rush week at Tarleton State. Since this has been the first year I have been an advisor to the Alum Chair, I have been a little more involved than other years after graduating.

Listening to all of the girls and seeing pictures makes me miss this week of being in college (among other things)

I can remember my rush week like it was yesterday and being so nervous that I was not going to be outgoing, stylish, and/or just enough to be in THE sorority I wanted to be in!

I seriously spent the whole weekend prior to strategically planning all of my outfits down to the earrings and bracelets I was going to wear.

After getting into the THE sorority I wanted and being on the other side during rush week, the love of the organization and girls really reminded me why I wanted to rush in the first place.

Off my soap box for are some of my pictures from my golden days in college!

(disclosure....I was packing the weight my first couple of years in college. I really enjoyed the freshman 15, er 20!)

I would be the chunky butt with jet black hair in the middle...I really did think it was a good look.

Homecoming my freshman year

Again thought I was looking good in the ripped jeans

Yes that would be Alyssa!

Looking super "gangsta" in our neon hats

When I think back on college I will not remember one single class (well maybe that one teacher who yelled at me in front of the whole class for going to the bathroom), but I will definitely remember all of the amazing times I had with my sisters!



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