Monday, February 18, 2013

{Our} Weekend

Happy Monday!!!!
I know that normally Mondays are not a happy day, however this week is a big week in the Gillean household - any prayers are very much welcomed!
Friday night Z and I had Valentine's Date part 2, thanks to my grandparents for the Salt Grass gift card for Christmas we enjoyed a nice dinner on them!
Perfect date is a free one!!
Saturday we were up at 630am, again...I am starting to see that we will probably not ever get to sleep in EVER again!
BUT I did get to snuggle with my fur baby for a little bit!

(only a face a mother could love!)
I also got to start a new book!

I only got through chapter one....I am trying to prep myself for the flood gates that will open from reading this book. I mean I cried like a baby when I read Marley and Me.
Saturday was also Shayna's first wedding shower!

She looks absolutely beautiful in her white dress and cowboy boots!!
And she didn't even mind that the gift I got her was in a horrible beat up box!
Definitely check out her blog this week because I know she is going to have pictures of how AMAZING the hostesses did with decorating!
Saturday night I went out with my bff Alyssa (who is also getting married this year!) and her other 2 bridesmaids to kick off the wedding festivities!!
It was so nice to meet the other two girls and we had such a blast! If my camera had not crapped out on me during Shayna's wedding shower I would have documentation of how much fun we had!
Sunday Z and I just spent the day with each other and running errands!
How was your weekend?
Hope you all have an AMAZING week and welcome to all of my new followers!


  1. WHY were y'all up so early on Saturday!? & Thank you so much for coming to the shower!!! I'll have a post up tomorrow... exhaustion set in yesterday!

  2. I'm not his momma and I sure love that face haha! So darn cute :)

    I've got lots of bridal showers coming up that I'm excited about hosting and attending in the next couple months :) Love that lil' burlap sign!!

  3. Awww, how GOOD is that book?! A tear-jerker for sure and a must-read for any dog lover. I'm trying to get my husband to read it.

  4. I couldn't read marley and me because i knew I would cry! and by the way I love your white dress!


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