Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday {Confessional}

I confess....
~That having our house listed is exciting and stressful all at the same time and its only been a week.
~That cleaning house every morning is for the birds, so if someone could buy our home real quick that would be GREAT!
~That my 25th birthday was horrible in more ways than one, I cried like a 2 year old. But hey, its my party and I can cry if I want too, right?
~26 is looking like it will be better than 25, even though I have already had a breakdown about turning 26.
~That I am soooooo ANGRY with myself for cutting my hair! I about have a breakdown every morning because I feel like my hair and makeup are a hot mess....
~That the ombre may have been soooooooo last season, but this girl is getting it again and very soon!
~That my Sundays have been consumed with Son's of Anarchy and this man...
~That having a no buy January was not such a great idea after all...I just want to go crazy in the mall and buy lots of clothes!
~That in January I already told my mom, my husband and my in-laws what I would like for my birthday....old habits die hard.
~That booking our vacation to Orange Beach, AL for the second week in July has really helped me put my workouts in high gear.
~That by putting my workouts in high gear I mean putting my speed on the treadmill from 5.0 to 5.3 while running.
~That a horrible trait I have is noticing married people not wearing their wedding rings and then in my mind trying to figure out what is wrong with their marriage.
~That not having my wedding ring for a week has made me super nervous that people think I am headed for divorce...Sam Moon fake wedding rings here I come!
~That after 14 months of being married I am FINALLY getting started this weekend on what pictures I want our photographer to put in our wedding album....FINALLY.


  1. Girlfriend! 26 really is not that bad! & instead of doing a no spending month just try a no spending week... Matt & I do that every now & then & it works out great! Then there's not really that feeling of wanting to go crazy spending money after! P.S. I'm really excited to see you this weekend!!!

  2. We've been married 9 months now and I still haven't decided on wedding album pictures either! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!! It's stresses me out to even think about, for real.

  3. I just found you on Robin's site, you...are...too...funny! You sound like my best friend Ali.
    Love the blog. I hope we can Google Frined each other.


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