Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Happy Monday Tuesday!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Ours was jam pack full!
Friday, Z and Alyssa planned a date night for all of us and we went to the ghetto movie tavern for dinner and a movie!
Now I am not saying ghetto like its a bad thing...the movie tickets were only $6 and they had $9 pitchers..that is a winner in our book!
We saw Identity Theft
This movie was so funny, we all enjoyed all of the one liners (that I can't remember at this moment however my husband remembers them 1 hour after seeing the movie)
Saturday we were up at 630am...yes you read that right 630 AM
We had a very busy day of oil changes, golf lessons, cleaning house, OUR HOUSE SHOWING 2 TIMES!!! and a little date day with our fur babies in Dallas!
I had this grand idea that we would take our fur babies walking on the Katy Trail (a really cool running trail in Dallas were you could possibly see a shirtless Troy Aikman...he may be old enough to be my dad but I still think that silver fox is sexy!) however the Texas weather had other plans for us!

Since it was so chilly we just decided to skip the walking and go straight for the adult beverages and loaded queso at the Katy Trail Ice House..I mean who wouldn't??

(This Summer Beer - Blue Moon, Vodka and Lemonade - I have to learn to make this!)

(The very cool scenery - and the group of cool kids who were talking very loudly about the multiply units of X they had taken...is that normal?)

(Our yummy loaded queso!)
Surprisingly our fur babies did so good and just sat underneath our table like good children should!
Sunday consisted of this ALL.DAY.LONG.

They slept as close as possible to me and I watched 50 episodes of Son's of Anarchy!
How was your weekend?
Did anyone go see Identity Theft?


  1. Well, I officially need to visit you and have you take me to the Katy Trail Ice House! haha! Those drinks and snacks look delish-- maybe I'm just super hungry for lunch?! ;)

  2. That drink and queso looked amazing!! Let me know if you figure out how to make that drink, I would love to try it!!

  3. My kind of day...the only problem...I have munchkins. I remember the days...look forward to the days again. lol


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