Monday, February 4, 2013

Our {Weekend}

Happy Monday!!!
I am so happy that January is OVER! That had to be the LONGEST
month of my life!
No go out/no shopping is still in affect for February, however we have a lot of events
going on each weekend.
Which if we are busy then I can't even THINK about shopping!
Friday was a VERY BIG day...
let's see, I had a pedi scheduled with some friends (which I almost passed out/threw up becaues my skinny jeans were cutting the circulation off at my knees. I have to remember either shorts or easy to pull up pants for pedis!)
And then Friday I also quit my job...
wait, what???
yes you read that right!
(more to come tomorrow)
Saturday I woke up bright and early, and went shopping with a friend to help her pick out outfits and staple pieces.
We started at Clothes Mentor
This is a new resale shop in Fort Worth, not sure where they are all located. But I was very impressed with their selection and how organized they were.
I used to be a Plato's Closet junkie, but in the last couple of years they have not had anything good.
Z and I also go our taxes done on Saturday!
We were so happy and excited about our return we are getting, Z treated me to 2 for $20 at Chili's....we even had a $10 gift card!
Sunday included Church, working out and cooking for the Super Bowl!
We spent the Super Bowl aka the Beyonce watching party with some of Z's friends. It was such a good time AND all of the wives are just as big of Beyonce fans as I am.
We even convinced the guys to watch Beyonce rock it for a second time during the power outage!
I think I burned 500 calories just watching her dance as awesome as she did!
If the Destiny's Child onstage reunion is a hint that there may be a concert in the near future,
My bff, Alyssa, and I may already have our Destiny's Child outfits planned.....
How was your weekend?
What did you think about Beyonce's performance?
And by asking what you thought of her performance, I mean if you didn't think it was the greatest thing on earth.....then don't leave a comment.
(joking...sort of)


  1. Beyonce did great! She was killing it with those dance moves!
    I definitely stood up at one point and did the single ladies dance right along with her! She was hot!

    And yay for quitting your job... me too girl!
    I quit mine last Thursday!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend & I'm going to have to check out that store!! AND I already e-mailed you about the quitting your J-O-B!!! :)


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