Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Highs} and Lows

At Dinner on New Year's Eve I had everyone say what their highs and lows were of 2012 and what they were most looking forward too in 2013.
It was definitely just a fun little thing to do before our food arrived but I wanted to share them with you and ask you gals the same thing....What were your highs and lows of 2012?
My 2012 Lows:
Being super stressed at the beginning of the year for a job that I did not enjoy.
Z having to travel so much for his job.
Z getting laid off from said job.
Z's grandpa's health.
Not getting to put our home on the market in December.
My 2012 Highs:
Getting out of the horrible work situation I was in at the beginning of the year and getting a job with a company that I love!
Z getting a job only 3 short days after being laid off and getting a job with people that treat him well.
Paying off one of our cars!
Celebrating 1 year of marriage to my love!
Our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg!
Our family vacation with my family to Port A.
I know there are many many many more highs as we are so blessed to serve a loving and giving God who always provides for us and makes sure we are taken care of.
I am looking forward to a year of simplicity for Z and I. To slow down and enjoy what we have right now and not to be looking into the future.
2012 really taught us a lot and if we can survive our first year of marriage, which is already hard enough with out the added extra stuff, then I know that 2013 will be a breeze!
What are you looking forward to in 2013?


  1. I never thought about my highs and lows for the year, but getting engaged was definitely the best high of the year. :)

  2. I love this year recap with the highs and lows

  3. i hope this year brings you great health and many blessings! I just found your blog and am in love :) joined your site! feel free to check out mine too!


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