Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our {First} Christmas

Z and I are very blessed to have to amazing families and that we got to combine the two.  We were very spoiled this year by both sets of parents! They loaded us up with great gifts!

Christmas eve is spent with my family and Christmas day is spent with Z's family. It is a good compromise and it helps that our families are very relaxed about the situation.

Here are the activities from Christmas eve with my parents!

The boys snuggled the whole way to grandma's house!

My Mom's fabulous decorations!

I made deviled eggs for the first time with my Mom's help of course! They were super yummy!

Our delicious Honey Baked Ham!

I made the "to die for" Oreo cupcakes! Thank you Pinterest once again!

My mom enjoying a cupcake with her cute Christmas apron on!

Little Louie got wrapped!

Since Z is such a HUGE Rangers fan, his sister made him this shadow box of the World Series towel, pin and program!

I was so excited to receive this present from my parents! I mean I am a Paula Deen wanna be and having an apron, lunch box and cooler of hers makes me that much closer!!!

How was your Christmas with family? What was your favorite gift? I hope everyone had a great time filled with family and lots of food!!



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