Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Makeup {Routine}

Since the heat is completely unbearable in Texas and trying to wear your normal full out makeup routine in 500+ weather is not an option, I change up my makeup routine for the summer!

Prior to starting my "foundation" I just started using ELF brand primer

I just discoverd this little gem about a month ago and for only $6 I had to try it! It is really good and does not leave you greasy.

I then apply Garnier BB Creme

I just started using this about a month ago as well - the verdict is still out on it. My skin has definitely improved since wearing it but it does not blend very well. I really have to make sure I have rubbed it in really well.

Then cover up my dark circles and zits with Nutrogena concealer

I have used this 3 in 1 concealer for a couple of years now and love it! It really does the job and last all day.

Then for my prize possession....the Naked eye pallet

All of these colors are perfect for what ever summer outfit I have on.

And last but not least I end with ELF blush, bronzer and mascara

I may be very influenced by the Bargain Blonde and her makeup reviews!

What is your go to summer makeup product?




  1. Ha. I have a very similar make up routine, but I decided I wasn't really a fan of the bb cream. I need something with a little more coverage.

    I am however OBSESSED with my elf blush and bronzer combo!

  2. i need that pallet!!! its full of awesomeness!


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