Monday, July 9, 2012

Your {Weekend} Update!

Friday night Z and I made a date night of Central Market grocery shopping, the take home 3 flavor gelato and Duck Dynasty....

(flavors: Salty Caramel, Lemon Cookie Crunch and Cheesecake)

I don't know what my husband does to get me to watch these ridiculous shows, but I am already hooked....and if I had to have a crush on the show its Willie, I think its the American flag bandanna and his money, just saying...

Saturday we actually slept in until 1030am (I normally wake up around 7am on Saturday) and I made us blueberry pancakes!

Super Yummy!

my favorite coffee cup!

Saturday night we went to eat with some friends and see Ted.....

(my review - very crud, funny, Z laughed the entire time - not something you should take your children too - I know the whole teddy bear throws you off, however little ghetto parents, bringing your children to see this movie was not your shinning moment)

I decided to bust out my favorite Summer shirt and white jeans....Z said I looked hott, I will take it!


After church Sunday, I cooked for 4 HOURS....yes 4 HOURS. Z decided he wanted us to try out the Paleo Diet this week, let's just say this will be the only week it will be a team effort.

I spent 2 hours planning our meals, 1.5 hours in the grocery store and 4 hours cooking....too much work!

Wish us luck that we don't kill each other before next Monday rolls around!

Have any of you ladies tried the Paleo Diet?




  1. Lemon Cookie crunch sounds DELISH! Don't judge me that it's not even 10am here yet, lol!!

    I've never heard of the paelo diet!? Was all your cooking for this upcoming weeks meals?

  2. I LOVE Duck Dynasty! Si is def my favorite! I think he should write a book, hahaha!

  3. Lindsay is doing the Paleo diet & looks great! I just can't keep up with all of it! I'll stick to just eating clean & fresh! Love your Saturday night outfit! & isn't it great when your guy tells you how hot you look!? I love it!!


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