Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - What I have {Learned} So Far

Since planning our wedding three days after Z proposed, these are the things I have learned:

*As a woman, you are way behind planning your wedding from the moment you are born
*From the moment you get engaged you are about 20+ years behind schedule
*Start your planning process by figuring out how many people you are going to invite to the wedding. We are now in panic mode due to too many people and not enough room.
*Stay on top of your parents and your fiance's parents regarding who they want to invite. There is no excuse for them to take forever getting you their list....A text takes about 2.5 seconds
*The and are very useful tools to help you plan your wedding with out paying a ton of money on a wedding planner...both sites are free
*Make sure to chose your groomsmen/bridesmaids carefully. If you have not spoken to the person in 3 years but they used to be your bff...probably not a good idea to have them in your wedding party. An invite will be sufficient
*If you want to have gas station corn dogs and cheetos at your wedding, you can because its YOUR wedding
*If you DO NOT want CHILDREN at your wedding, you don't have to have them there because it's YOUR wedding
*If a family member gives you a hard time and tells you they are probably not going to come to your wedding if they can't bring their children, you tell them "We will miss you"
*You can plan for the most inexpensive most economic wedding ever, but unless you plan on getting married in a dress you already own in your parents back yard its not going to happen
*When cutting cost for your wedding the photographer/videographer would not be the place to do it. Your wedding is only going to last one day, however your wedding pictures and video will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether or not you want them to.
*Planning a wedding is the most exciting thing next to walking down the aisle to your soon to be husband and your new life
*Your fiance, no matter how much you wish he will be, is not as excited about the planning process of the wedding. Its not in their DNA to be excited about cocktail napkins
*If your parents tell you they are only going to allow X amount of dollars to pay for the wedding, know they are going to make that amount stretch to the moon to make their baby girl happy
*On your bachelorette party night/weekend you completely get a new appreciation for your fiance. Dbags are going to be out there for life and your not missing out.

I have had the most fun in my life planning our wedding and all of the events leading up to it. Since we are getting down to the last few months all of the little details are very overwhelming and a destination wedding in a tropical place should have been more considered



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