Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Why} Have A Child....

....when you can have a dog as ridiculous as mine?

The Things Ace Does That Make Him Ridiculous:

*Snores louder than an 80 year old man
*Sleeps about 20 hours out of his 24 hour day
*Runs so fast down our stairs that he eventually just rolls down them
*Gets on our couch even though we have spanked him 50,000 times for being on there
*Gets back on the couch 2 seconds after we spank him
*Eats his food like he has not eaten for the last year
*Has the worst smelling breath in the WORLD
*Has the worst smelling farts in the WORLD
*He follows me around and sits on my feet while I am getting ready in the mornings
*As soon as I put my shoes on in the morning to leave for work he runs and hides underneath our bed
*If he is outside he will bark to let us know when he wants in, however when you open the door he runs away as fast as he can like you are going to get him, even though he barked wanting in
*If I sit on the floor he goes straight for my elbows to bite me
*If I have been gone too long when I get home he will bite my knee just to let me know he didn't appreciate it
*If he is mad at us he will whine like someone is trying to kill him and make a noise that sounds like a cow mooing

I am sure I love him just as much as mother's love their children...maybe! lol



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