Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Update On The Engagement Chicken

Last week Pink Lou Lou posted about having a girls night with one of her sister's and watching My Best Friend's Wedding starring Julia Roberts. I love love love this movie!! I could honestly watch it every single day! I am sure I watched it for the first time before I knew what everything meant but none the less I have loved it from the first time I watched it!

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the very beginning - here is a clip for you:

This song is really funny and the "brides" make up and hair are awful and the "bridesmaids" white panty hose are horrible but it got me you really just have to hold him, kiss him, show him that you care, wear your hair just for him, etc for him to marry you?

A couple of months ago I posted the engagement chicken recipe and the experiment I am doing with some of my friends.  Well to date (first posted in May) only one girl has made the engagement chicken and that was about 1 month ago. She has not gotten the proposal yet but they are completely content on where there relationship is at this moment.

The other's however have not had "time" to make the engagement maybe we will see who gets the engagement first!! I keep telling all of my friends from high school that our friendship must only be able to handle a wedding and engagement in one year....we still have 3 girls that are not engaged or married so I have 3 more years to enjoy this wedding fun!!!

Side note: My engagement chicken recipe post has been the most viewed since I have been there are a lot of ladies (maybe men) who want to be engaged!!!

If it worked for you I want to know people!!



ps. I will ask Z what made him finally decide to propose...but I am sure that it is going to boil down to we are the only ones who can put up with/handle the other! :)

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