Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh How Things Have {Changed}

Right before I graduated a "cool" note was showing up on my facebook news feed every 5 seconds called 25 Randoms. I decided to do it since "my life was changing for the worst" of course, because I was graduating and life would never been the same.

Here was my 25 Randoms a little over 2 years ago and how I feel about them today.

1. I love my family more than anything in the world - still the same except my family has now expanded to Zach and his family :)

2. Losing my grandpa last February was the greatest test of faith I have endured - Still the hardest thing I have had to go through to date. I am now able to cope with it better than 2 years ago.

3. I have this strange desire right now to join the Fort Worth running club, even though I will have to run 8am every sat morning and have never been a runner - Seriously this was a thought completely manifested by me thinking that I was going to change the world after I graduated....I would not run if I was being chased by a chainsawing your going to catch me anyways why put up a fight.

4. Being on the beach with a good book and bottomless margaritas with no one around to bother me would be the best vacation I could ask for - again I would go a head and say plus having Z there....however he would have to find something to do because if he bothered me I would kick him off the island. (Just being honest babe)

5. I am so glad that I changed my major from nursing to marketing.... I get sick by the thought of someone else’s blood - Okay this is the point where I am kicking my self in the boo-tay, really young little Erin you couldn't stand the thought of someone else's blood? You couldn't have fought through it to get a better paying job where you are very in demand??

6. My puppy ace is the most amazing thing...he puts me in the best of moods even when i am having the worst day - my little acer is still the most amazing thing except now he just drives me nuts because he hides under my bed when I am trying to leave for work!

7. Wine is my Prozac - as is Skinny Girl Margaritas, a frozen schooner of Coors Light, Blue get the picture

8. My mom is not only my mother but my best friend - this is still true will never change...I call her everyday just to say hi!

9. I look up to my 16 year old sister because she has dealt with more bad stuff in her short life then people would ever imagine in their lifetime - well little Hannie is now 19 and I still look up to her even though she is my younger sister!

10. I would rather be on the beach then anywhere else - this is soo true, however I should have been more specific...I would like to be on any beach that does not get above 88 degrees and is not a Texas Beach.

11. I would much rather laugh with someone then have to listen to something serious they want to talk about - still very true...I do not handle awkward situations very well and normally I am the one who turns situations awkward.

12. I say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times - again this is why its better to already be laughing because if I say something inappropriate and mean it, then everyone is laughing and do not put very much thought into it.

13. Birds of paradise is my favorite flower even though you never see them, I have only seen them growing in Hawaii - still my favorite man gets them for me for my Birthday every year!

14. I love to sing karaoke....and I can’t sing - specifically "Love Shack"

15. I believe that sweatpants are the worst thing ever invented even though I wear them - still the worst thing ever invented....if they are sweatpants but have "PINK" on the butt they are still bad and should not be worn if you want to have a relationship or keep the one you currently have.

16. I plan on owning my own boutique one day - this is still a BIG dream...hopefully sooner than later

17. Jackson hole, Wyoming is the best little town - love this town however I am very much into Austin right now.

18. I am proud of the God fearing Christian I am - ditto

19. Graduating college is supposed to be the best thing yet, every time I think of graduating in May I feel like my chest is going to collapse - Sweet sweet young little naive Erin...graduating is horrible, you should have gone straight into grad school.

20. Reading the new post secrets every week at work makes my day - I cant tell you the last time I read post secrets...I have moved on to blogging

21. I love being able to leave my phone for however long so people can’t get a hold of me - this is no where near the truth now...I normally have my phone with me at all times

22. If I was going to be morbidly obese it would be on bacon cheese burgers and seasoned curly fries - still very true

23. I love cooking just not for one person - now I get to cook for two people!!!

24. Going to bed early makes me happy - makes me very very happy

25. I love loving and loved being loved - love loving Z and love being loved by him

What are 25 randoms about you?



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