Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - A {Little} Update

So here is my wedding to do list as of right now...I have been adding hourly and daily to this bad boy. Luckily I have a nice little note section on my phone so that I can just put it there and it wont get lost in my black hole of a purse.

The past two Saturdays my mom and I have done everything possible to get ready for the wedding. We have knocked out invitations, fabric for the tables, fabric for the chair sashes, my veil, ribbon for invitations, etc.

Invitations has been hands down the toughest most stressful thing out of the wedding process. Z and I did not want to spend a ton of money because people are just going to throw away the invitation once the wedding is over. (not judging, invitations only stay on my fridge until the day of the event and then they go into the trash)

So we finally found something we liked at a local paper company here in Fort Worth called Paper Planet. Everyone that works there is super nice and they have the coolest projects going on all the time that you can do.

Here are the two options I narrowed down our invitation choices to from Paper Planet...I will wait until after they are sent out to show you which one we chose!!

Happy Guessing!

Since crossing things off of the wedding checklist...this has been the one task I have been looking forward to doing...

Ah yes...enjoying our new life as newlyweds on the beach with a cool adult beverage!!



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