Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour Our Home {Tuesday}

~ Our Bedroom ~
I feel like there should be a drum roll....I love love love my bedroom! My inspiration was a Tiffany's box and I wanted everything to be shabby chic and girly!
I am very lucky that Z does not mind how girly our bedroom is, I am sure I will have to tone it down once we move!
This is the view walking up the stairs to our room...I love this wall art because I feel like it sets the tone to our bedroom! (that I am a princess of course!)
This is one of the first things you see coming in...I love this bird picture!

Here is our bedroom!!! I was very adamant that I would have a chandelier in my bedroom! Z hates it because of course our bedroom is upstairs and heat rises! He says all the time we need a ceiling fan!

I display some of the jewelry that I wear all the time! I like to think its an easy decoration to your room! (and of course, this is how I justify my jewelry spending)

And lastly our ruffle shower curtain! I looked for one everywhere and finally found this one at Bed Bath and Beyond! I love that it pulls all of our colors together.
I am so glad I got to share our house with all of you! I know that I am guilty of just living day to day in my home and not being appreciative of what I have!
I love when I have new people come over and compliment me on my home! It makes me remember how much I love it!
Z and I have decided with some recent change of events, we will be staying in our home for another year, so I will definitely be making some adjustments to what we already have!
I can't wait to start redecorating!!
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Hope you enjoyed!

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