Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Gain {Weight} In ONE Weekend

Friday Z, our fur babies and I headed down I35 to Austin to spend the weekend with his parents...let's just say prior to leaving we had a bet on how much weight we would both gain...
 Of course I had to get my road trip essentials....
Our puppies fit perfectly in our family car! Dont let those smiling faces fool you!
 Ace LOVES riding in the car, however Louie ABSOLUTELY HATES it and gets car sick....I feel like this is a look into our future with our children...
Friday after arriving in Austin in record time we went and stuffed our faces with Italian food and wine, well I was the only one who had wine, but whose counting!
After waking up still full from the night before, we headed to Franklin's BBQ to stand in line for what Z said was "the best BBQ ever"...I finally got my first PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) of the season!!
People line up like this Tuesday - Sunday around 830 am for BBQ at Franklin's
we finally got to start moving inside around 11am...
And around 1145am we finally got to the good stuff!!! (yes, 2 hours and 15 mins waiting in line for food)
Z was so excited!! We even got to talk to the Owner and seriously it is the BEST BBQ I have ever had....if you know my husband you know that is saying a lot because we eat A LOT of BBQ
(isn't my hubby the cutest ever!?!?)
After giving our bellies an hour or so to settle from all of the BBQ and Pies (yes we even had pie at Franklin's) We headed to a Wine and Food Festival!
Dripping With Taste Wine & Food Festival!
I tried a couple of Texas wines that I really liked! Surprising because normally Texas wine is not one of my favorites!
And a couple more hours after enjoying wine and treats we headed to dinner with Z's parents and their family food and more food people all weekend long!
Sunday we woke up late, had breakfast with Z's parents at Kirby Lane that sent us home on our 3 hour drive very miserable....
needless to say when we got home my menu planning for the week came from my trusty WW cookbook!
I can say that I now know why the healthy people eat healthy...I feel soooooo sluggish and fluffy from our weekend of nothing but eating.
I do not even want to know how many calories I consumed this weekend much less the poundage I put on, my clothes today are enough of an indication!
How was y'alls weekend?? Filled with football and food like ours??


  1. What fun!! I have already had two PSLs this's gonna be a long (fat) one ;)

  2. Sooo I'm officially hungry ;) I can't believe people wait in line that long for food! It MUST be good, crazy!!

  3. I've heard of that BBQ place, that's crazy to wait in line for that long, but if it's THAT good I totally would :)

  4. I feel like I do so good during the week and then the weekend comes and I out on every single pound and ounce ive lost ive got to get it together
    As an avid BBQ eater that looks amazing!!!!!


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