Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tour Our Home {Tuesdays}

I am so excited to start this new blog series with you gals!

We will own our home 3 years in January 2013 and we are listing it to sell in December of this year! We of course finally have everything where we want it and how we want it right before we sell it!

It is definitely something that is bittersweet selling our first home (even though Z doesn't consider it his first home). This was my first big purchase out of college all on my own!

I bought this house in Janurary 2010 and completely remodeled it.

So for you to fully understand and appreciate what our house currently looks like you have to see what it looked like when I bought it!

(both my parents are in real estate and my dad is a builder, so I definitely had an advantage on remodeling)

Now that y'all are all thinking what Z thought the first time he saw this "thing"...."Why would you buy this?? And how is it going to look good at all?"

I definitely found a little diamond in the rough....well more like diamond that had not been taken care of and had been pulled out of the dumpster!! Mind you, I had to live in our house looking like this for a couple of months!!

Stay tuned next week and I will show you what it looks like remodeled! I promise our house does not look ghetto like it does in these pics!!

Have any of you gals remodeled a house??? Or even built one??



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  1. Can't WAIT to see the pictures next week of your home remodeled!!


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