Monday, August 20, 2012

Our {Weekend}

Friday night we had a triple date with Alyssa, Chase and Alyssa's co-work and her boyfriend!

We went to Del Frisco's steak house and it was soooooooo yummy!!!

After stuffing our faces but before going to a local bar we decided to have a photo shoot.

(Emmie, Alyssa and me)

(nbd...I look like the friend who was not invited into the pic)

(Alyssa and Emmie doing the "Bridesmaid" pose)

(Z and me!)

(Chase and Alyssa)

(Jeff and Emmie)

(We both have the same "good" side)

(I won and we ended up with a good pic)

Saturday after sleeping in, I decided to take on the Tax Fee Weekend shopping....

Not my smartest idea yet, however I got two really cute tops from Kohls and got Zach's mom this super cute charm bracelet from Brighton!

Did you gals know that Rock & Republic is now at Kohls??

Rock and Republic Embellished Drop-Tail Tank

Rock and Republic Embellished Crepe Blouse

I got these two super cute tops for under $40 make you holla!!!

AND....did y'all know that Brighton has super cute charm bracelets now???

 I can't tell you the last time I walked into a Brighton store but the charm bracelet I made for Zach's mom was so much fun and a good gift for someone who is picky/simple in your life.

Sunday after sleeping in again....(this may be my new thing on the weekends) we headed to Springtown to see my parents and grandparents!

How was your weekend?? Anything fun and exciting? I think I am officially tapped out from the shopping I have done the past 2 weekends...I guess I will just have to wait until September...




  1. I need to go shopping really bad! I have a Kohl's gc from Christmas that I have yet to spend.... Maaaybe I should get on that! You got some cute finds at Kohl's!

  2. No idea that R&R was sold at Kohls!! Love your dress!


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