Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Wednesday} Confessional....

...That I am SO THANKFUL for all my blog followers and the support I get from you gals
....That I love it when Z talks about our up coming "honeymoon" even though I always correct him and say "its our anniversary dork!" - I think its so cute he thinks of it like that!
.....That last night Z told me he would try to start making our house work more 50/50 because he now sees how much a really do around the house, I almost fell out of bed, being home for a couple of weeks have done him good!
.....That I thought I was really good with change until a big changed happened to us, I have figured out I do not handle change very well at all...mostly with a bottle of wine.
....That I have worked out 2 days in a row and really tried watching what I eat, surprisingly, I feel better about myself!
....That I bought some cute workout clothes from VS and I really think they help me work out harder, I mean if you are going to have to sweat and do burpees you might as well look cute doing it!
....That I am about to delete anyone else on Facebook that likes something that says God will save you, save this dog, save this baby, cure cancer, win $1 million from just by liking a post...seriously people??
.....That I maaaaay delete people I follow on twitter if they keep tweeting about Obama...sorry but I'm not sorry
.....Having lunch with my bff Alyssa yesterday and dinner with my other "bitchy" friend last night made my day! I love my girl time
....I can call my other friend "bitchy" because she sometimes gives me that push I need to have a back bone and honestly (God forbid) if something happens to my mother my friend will be the one that I take with me to buy cars....
Anything you gals would like to confess??
Share here! I love hearing!


  1. Good for you on the working out, I seriously need to get going. Maybe the cute workout gear is my problem... I NEED SOME! ;)

    My FB is suuuuper private these days bc of all the crap you mentioned. I have around 150 people and the majority are family and actual friends I want to be in touch with!

  2. new follower here :) love your blog and I hope you'll check out my blog and follow along as well :D


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