Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Some pics from this past weekend......
 (My Sister Hannah and my Step Dad Kelly at the BBQ Cook off!)
(Z and I at our Alma Mater Tailgate on Saturday)
(My sorority sister Amanda aka Kit Kat and I at the Tailgate)
(Some of the Active DZ's and I! They are too cute)
Recipes I made recently.....
Pinned Image
Weight Watchers Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta from Here
olive oil, garlic, chives, and romano cheese mashed cauliflower
Mashed Cauliflower from Here
stuffed tilapia fillets look so good
Stuffed Fish from Here
Weight Watchers Salsa Roll ups! Yum! And so simple
Weight Watchers Salsa Roll Ups from Here
I have had the hardest time trying to finish this....
It seems to be picking up in the last 100 pages after dragging
And because of Shayna I will be being crafty this weekend with these...
DIY chevron pumpkins
and BOOM most random blog post of my/your life
Happy Hump Day!!!

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