Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe.....

believe in yourself
I believe in God and that he sent his only Son to die for my signs
I believe that I am saved my a merciful and gracious God
I believe that God made Zach just for me....he is incredibly grounded and I am incredibly ridiculous
I believe your Mom being your best friend is a needed
I believe love is thicker than blood...that's why my sister is MY SISTER and not my step sister
I believe in giving second chances but not third, forth or fifteenths
I believe my best napping time is on a Sunday after church or during any sporting event Z is watching
I believe that sweat pants are the worst thing ever created
I believe in putting yourself somewhat together, even if you are just going to the grocery store
I believe these two ridiculous guys are a foreshadow of mine and Z's children
I believe that sometimes you just need that whole bottle of wine and a good cry before you can put your big girl panties on and deal with it
I believe in all inclusive beach vacations where your only worry is what side of the pool you are going to lay on
I believe in being nice until provoked otherwise
I believe in being responsible for your own actions and not pinning it on others
I believe in date nights with your husband
I believe my BFF Alyssa is part of why I have some style

I believe a girls night with Shayna, Lindsey, Hiedi, Chelle and Krystal with Margaritas promises lots of laughs and too much to drink
I believe in questioning why and not just going with the flow
I believe being a bit bitchy is not always a bad thing
I believe home cooked meals sitting at our kitchen table watching our many reality TV shows with Z is the highlight of my day
I believe in sunroof back, glasses on and Alanis Morsette on the radio

What do you believe in?? Did you link up with Living in Yellow for I Believe??


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