Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tour Our Home {Tuesday}

~ Guest Bedroom and Bathroom ~
a/k/a our bastard room, catch-all, dog's room, parent's room, Z's closet, etc.

This is definitely our "bastard room" because it was the last part of the house to get decorated. I am a lot happier with the way it looks now, it used to just have everything that was left over from our college rooms!
Also, this room is the reason I WILL have a study in our next home! Its a must! One of my pet peeves is having an "office" in a bedroom - I think its because in college we had no choice, our bedroom was our study, bedroom, vanity area, dog room, etc.
Do any of you have a "bastard room"? I even have two picture frames out that do not have pictures in them....one day it will be complete!

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