Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tour Our Home {Tuesday}


This is another one of my FAVORITE places in the house! I love to cook so I do spend a lot of my time here!
A couple things that are my favorite in my kitchen are my MASSIVE sink! This thing could fit 2 Ace's in it !(And that's a lot) Another is the china cabinet by our kitchen table, my aunt gave this to me and it is perfect to store our super cute dishes! And last but not least my apron holder! I love love aprons and my grandparents surprised me one evening at my house with the holder! I usually rotate my aprons depending on the season and which one I want to wear!
Of course my Paula Deen apron is on display right now!
You can see the past two tour of our home here and here!
So what do you think about the kitchen?? We have come a long way from the horrible cabinets and 1980 appliances!


  1. I do love your sink! And the goose neck faucet!

  2. Love the color and I definitely need a sink like that, mine is so shallow!


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