Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't Is The Real {C} Word

I have officially become a single lady until football season is over and I get my husband back....
Friday while Z and Alyssa's boyfriend Chase were at their fantasy football draft, Alyssa and I had a night in full of Central Market food, wine and dessert!

We were obviously so excited about our bread pudding, creme brulee and wine!! It was an adult junk food party!!
I also made her watch an old movie (she will never watch my all time favorite, Urban Cowboy)
This is a good old thriller - if you have not seen it, you should rent it asap!
Saturday I had a super fun filled morning planned for Z and I!
We marked another breakfast spot off of my "Breakfast Bucket List" in Fort Worth. We tried the Paris Coffee Shop over off of Magnolia! It was really good and they must be a go to breakfast place because you have to stand in line to get a seat!
I then drug Z to the farmer's market in Fort Worth, it was our first time to go to one and they have really good stuff that is super cheap!
This is all of the goodies we got! I think I am going to start making this a weekly thing!
After the farmer's market we went to see Campaign
This movie is soooo funny, my favorite part is Marty Huggins family dinner in the beginning!
Saturday night Z had ANOTHER fantasy football draft, so I decided to spend my Saturday night at Walmart....normally Walmart is not very exciting BUT I ran into a reality TV star!!
None of y'all have probably heard of him because who really watches reality TV that comes on CMT??
I ran into "Tex" from Sweet Home Alabama...
So this is how it all went down....
I am trying to find something off of my grocery list that dumb Walmart does not have and I look up to see this guy looking down the aisle I am in...
I think to myself "Self he sure does look familiar", and because curiosity killed the cat....
 I decide to do like 007 and pretend like I have to get something from the back of the store where he is....
Then it finally hits's that Tool Bag from Sweet Home Alabama...I should have stopped there.
As I am in the produce section him, this old man and this little girl (which I am assuming was his daughter that he always cried about on the show) walk past me...
"Tex" and I lock eyes and before I can even realize what is coming out of my mouth, I say "Are you "Tex" from Sweet Home Alabama??" - yeah I went there.
He in mid stride says "yes I am"....then very loudly in Walmart on a Saturday night that is filled with maybe 20 other losers who have nothing else better to do, "Tex" yells....
"Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook"
I can only imagine the look across my face....
"Tex" was it??? I would not follow you out of a burning building if my life depended on it....
Moral of the story - if on reality TV they are a side-hat-baggy-jeans-affliction-wearing tool bag....they are going to be that in person. Shocking I know!
And our Sunday just consisted of church, lunch, me napping for 2 hours, cleaning and me cooking fried chicken for my man!
How was y'alls weekend? Have you ever run into a real celeb or reality TV star??
I don't handle awkward situations very well.....and normally I am the one who makes them awkward!


  1. HAHAHA.... I have no idea who TEX is but want to look this D up now!!

  2. I loved Fear bring sme back to high school days lol
    I would have to know for sure if it was Tex too and he is a Major douche....Wow I bet you could have died I wish there was a camera to see your reaction lol


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