Monday, November 26, 2012

Our {Thankful} Thanksgiving

Happy MONDAY!!!!
I have seriously not ever been so excited it is Monday because I had a very busy holiday weekend!
Thursday after stuffing our belly's 2 times, I sweet talked Z into taking on the crazies at Walmart at 8 pm on Thanksgiving night!
Needless to say I got everything I wanted!!!
Friday morning I headed out to get some of the good deals at other stores since dealing with the crazies on Thursday night was just not enough!
I found this little gem at Hobby Lobby for only $2.99!!!
What is a southern crafting girl without her leopard glue gun?!?!

My 3 Christmas crafts included these pretty bottles!
The very easy but very time consuming ornament wreath!
It looks so good on my front door!
AND this super cute Christmas card holder!
(I am going to keep it up all year long!)
how-to here....and no I didn't drink all of those bottles of wine in one night, it was two.
We even got all of our Christmas decorations up and I wrapped all of the presents!
Our two favorite ornaments - Ace and Louie!

Saturday night we met Alyssa and Chase in Downtown Fort Worth for the Parade of Lights!
Our favorite two floats were the motorcycle riding Elvis and Babe's Chicken House old bus!

On Sunday after church, we celebrated our babies 5th birthday!!!
Sweet Little Ace turned 5 years old yesterday!!!

How was y'alls Thanksgiving??
Did anyone else do any Christmas crafts or decorate your tree?


  1. I got a Shark mop a couple years ago on Black Friday and I LOVE it! :) I am totally impressed you have all your gifts wrapped- I barely have my shopping started haha, def not wrapped and ready to deliver!!!

  2. love your decor!!!! your dog is too cute

  3. Hey, Hey! Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for an award, you can check it out here!

  4. I am seriously about to die I am in love with the Leopard glue gun I need one.
    Glad you got all of you wants and didnt encounter any crazies in the process lol


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