Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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to serve a fearfully wonderful God
to have been saved by Grace
that God placed Z in my life at just the right time
for the amazing family I did not get to choose and I wouldn't trade any of them
for the jobs Z and I have that are more than something that just pays the bills
for the roof over our head and a place to lay our head every night
for always being taken care of even when we are undeserving
for our fun loving friends
for our two little fur babies and their unconditional love
for all of my blog followers and blog "friends" I have made
and now some funnies....
I am thankful for..
Paula Deen
The Pioneer Woman
Forever 21
OPI and Essie Nail Polish
Reality TV to make me feel better about myself
Red Wine
White Wine
Hell, Any Wine....
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What are you thankful for today?


  1. LOL- on the funnies, I am definitely thankful for Spanx, and could probably use another pair of them ;)

  2. Love love love this. Especially the nail polish one..and wine...and spanx!! =)


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