Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another {First}

I am really starting 25 out with a bang...yesterday I had my very first cavity filled. I guess it was too much to hope to leave this earth with never having a cavity...

I was so worked up all weekend long an especially yesterday at work because I had no idea what to expect.

Like was it going to be this horrible pain that will scar me for life? Will I absolutely hate my dentist that I love after this? Seriously all of this was going through my mind (ridiculous I know)

So when I arrived at the dentist I let him know I was very nervous and he assured me I had nothing to worry about and to help he would give me laughing gas.

Now the last time I had laughing gas I was like in Kindergarten because I had to get two teeth pulled.

When he first put the tube over my nose I was not feeling a thing and started worrying even more that it was not going to work....then I all of a sudden had no worries in the world and was the most relaxed I have been in my entire life!

If I could get away with having laughing gas at home to help me relax when I am stressed to the max I would definitely have an unlimited supply!

I was even so relaxed I decided to send Z this picture of me....I think I have looked better

Needless to say getting the cavity filled was easy breezy, even though I hope to not ever have to do it again!

Any new first for you guys and gals in 2012?

side note...no judgement to be placed with the above picture...I was under the influence!




  1. I'm getting my first one tomorrow I'm scared to death.

  2. I cracked up that you took a pic in the dentist chair-- I wish I'd thought to do that! I had my first cavity at 23 and it was a HORRIBLE experience, so I'm glad yours went well! They basically ended up cutting the corner of my mouth and I was bleeding all over the place.... traumatic, let me tell you!!


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